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BOMBPROOF RFID - Smart RFID tag manufacturing makes ...

BOMBPROOF RFID - Smart RFID tag manufacturing makes reading next to metals and liquids a reality

06 June 2013

Mirva Saarijärvi

With the help of a mobile RFID computer, you can read all the clothing tags inside a cardboard box from across the room. But fill that box with cans of Coca-Cola, and you might not be able to read tags until you are inches away. How to solve these issues?

Author: Carl...

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This article is a collection of mobile RFID applications in apparel supply chain. The descriptions are short and the purpose is to provide overview and ideas for RFID system development.


Supply chain and its' practices are defined during planning. Strategic decisions that have an effect on potential RFID applications are for example decisions of outsourcing and factory locations. Product...

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The lifecycle of an RFID "smart home" - RFID Arena

The lifecycle of an RFID "smart home"

11 June 2013

Radio frequency identification (RFID) might soon be available for homeowners, offering them greater convenience in their everyday life as well as protecting them from unexpected costs and damages.

Author: Marcela De Vivo

Today, RFID tags are being used for a variety of applications. While RFID technology is becoming more and more popular in...

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5 most common applications on the shop floor - RFID Arena

In this article we will introduce the most common RFID applications used on the shop floor and show how the typical processes and the working day of your staff will change after you adopt RFID.

On the contrary to what many people think - the RFID technology is actually very straight forward and often easier to use than traditional barcode systems, not to mention using just pen and paper. Still,...

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RFID in international supply chain management - RFID Arena

International import of apparels and textile products can be a logistic nightmare. However, the use of RFID can reduce the problems to a great extent.

Author: Roksana Parvin, Supply chain management professional from Bangladesh

International production of apparels and home textiles involves complex and multi-faceted supply chain challenges. Most probably, the t-shirt you buy at Wal-Mart is made...

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RFID shopping-cart level checkout is possible with ...

RFID shopping-cart level checkout is possible with technology that is available today

15 May 2014

This guest blog was written by Jed Griffin and Scott Deuty. They describe how the elusive shopping-cart level checkout is now entirely possible offering the retail industry a real breakthrough in widespread use of RFID tags.

Authors: Jed Griffin and Scott Deuty

Despite many failed attempts, the...

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