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Protect Your Credit Cards From RFID Theft

Identity Theft

RFID Theft : The Modern-day Pickpocketing Scheme

Radio Frequency Identification or RFID theft is the latest challenge people are facing as pertains the security of their credit cards. Known as electronic pickpocketing or wireless identity theft, this form of theft is carried out technologically in a seamless way. Credit cards embedded with RFID chips present a security concern and...

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RFID Protection - Protecting Yourself from Digital Theft

Protecting yourself from RFID Theft

What is RFID Protection?

The first step to RFID protection is determining if you really need it. Identify which of your cards actually has an RFID chip. RFID enabled cards will often have a symbol that looks like a Wi-Fi signal, credit cards will have Blink[TM], PayPass[TM] or PayWave[TM] on it. Sometimes there will be a visible chip embedded to one side of...

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