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Development of RFID Library Management Information System

Development of RFID Library Management Information System



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RFID and Contactless Smart Cards FAQ FINAL 042105


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A Simple Uhf Rfid Circularly-Polarized Reader Antenna Design

In this paper, the simple antenna is proposed for ultra high- frequency (UHF) radio frequency identification (RFID) application. It is designed to achieve circular polarization with unidirectional beam. The antenna is composed of the truncated radiation patch and ground plane. The simulation results show that the antenna achieves the return loss of -31.92 dB, gain of 8 dBic, axial ratio (AR) of...

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Applications of Rfid and a Software Framework For | Radio ...


ESEARCH Vol. 2. No. 5. September, 2010

innovation management [19], supply chain management and warehousing [20-21]. With the help of a wellorganized inventory system RFID systems can help in preventing theft, shop lifting, error and fraud losses, whichamounts to nearly $31 billion USD in US [22]. The transformation of retail industry has been witnessed as"Retailing in the 21


century will no...

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RFID Airport IB Final[1] | Radio Frequency Identification ...


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