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Active RFID vs GPS Alzheimer's Tracking Devices | Secure Care

Active RFID vs. GPS Devices for Monitoring Wander-Prone

Electronic monitoring devices can be used to protect these vulnerable individuals while still being mindful of their need for independence and dignity. Personal wander monitoring technology typically falls under two categories - radio frequency identification (RFID) and global positioning systems (GPS).

Benefits of Active RFID Wandering...

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Active vs Passive RFID | Secure Care

Active vs. Passive RFID

Active vs Passive RFID

You would not pay a security guard to sleep during his or her shift protecting patients and then pay for the coffee to wake him or her up when an incident took place. So why would you purchase a security system with these requirements?

Secure Care's KinderGUARD® infant security and Door GUARDIAN­[TM]  wandering management systems are fully active and constantly monitor each patient or resident wearing a transmitter. Unlike passive or semi-passive systems, our transmitters continually remit their unique RFID signals allowing them to immediately...

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Healthcare Solutions | Secure Care

Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Solutions

Ensuring the security of your patients, visitors, staff and assets is vital in creating an ideal environment of care at your healthcare facility.

At Secure Care Products, LLC we offer a wide range of best-in-class,  active RFID  technology for our hospital solutions which include our:

mVision Mobile Application

ENVisionIT®  RTLS for healthcare  and  RTLS for Senior Care  platforms to track other hospital assets, equipment, personnel, patients and visitors.


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RTLS for Healthcare | Secure Care

Monitoring workflow processes

Managing medical inventory

Capture and provide valuable analysis data (to optimize LEAN, HIPAA and JCAHO compliance, and improve HCAHPS scores)

Our RTLS platform also includes dashboards and report querying feature sets to track and analyze asset use, and other functions essential to optimizing key operations for your facility. Each data set is archived along with any...

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Wandering Management | Door GUARDIAN™ | Secure Care

Secure Care Products, LLC has been specializing in designing, manufacturing, selling, installing and servicing wander management solutions for more than 35 years. We take great pride in producing dignified solutions to help you and your staff protect the wander-prone residents or wandering...

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