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RFID Gen 2 - What is it? - Smart RFID! - SkyRFID Inc.

RFID Gen 2 - What is it? - Smart RFID!

The following page is a White Paper RFID on the current RFID World and what it means.

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RFID for Hospitals | Healthcare RFID

RFID Healthcare and RFID Hospitals

Apparently the wheelchairs went missing on a regular basis as patients or clients as they were called; accidentally left the facility in the wheelchair which was not supposed to...

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RFID Consultant | RFID Consulting

RFID Consulting Services

SkyRFID is a is a leading provider of RFID hardware, solutions and technical consulting that is located in and near Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

SkyRFID provides RFID technical consulting services on-site, via web and via telephone for simple or fully detailed RFID consulting assignments.

Consulting services includes privacy consulting, new product designs for readers and...

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RFID Library System |Automated Library Management

RFID Library Management System

SkyRFID presents our new updated Multi-Lingual  Automated RFID Self Serve Library System -

SkyRFID Library Express is a multi-lingual Automated Library System designed to facilitate the circulation and organization of small to large - sized collections of books, CD’s and


’s and other reading materials. 


All materials are equipped with an RFID label ...

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RFID Harsh Environment Tag - SkyRFID Inc.

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RFID Harsh Environment Tag

We have numerous heavy duty metal mount tags that are designed to handle harsh environments and high temperatures. If you have a need for a high temperature tag that will be used in a very harsh environment then we probably carry it.


Glass Resin High Temperature Tag - 36 mm x 13 mm x 2.7 mm

Any application where a small form factor combined with the need...

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RFID Reader Antenna Tutorial - What you need to know.

RFID Reader Antenna Tutorial - What you need to know.

The RFID reader antenna transmits a wave that has both electrical and magnetic properties and is known as an electromagnetic wave.

There are 3 different types of RFID antennas:

Linear Polarization (dipole antennas) - the electromagnetic wave propagates entirely in one plane (Vertical or Horizontal) in the direction of the signal propagation....

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RFID Printers plus Mobile and Ticket Printers - RFID Solutions

Rugged and Easy to Use Printer

IP54 certified for resistance to windblown water and dust

Damage-resistant to multiple drops of up to 6 feet to concrete

Weight of 1 1/2 to 2 pounds for effortless mobility

Resistant to extreme hot and cold temperatures

Ergonomically Designed to Fit Comfortably on the Hip

Single push-button media access for simple re-loading

Angled LCD for easy viewing of printer...

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