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Identification, authenticity and security with RFID & NFC

Home Applications Identification, originality & security

Identification, originality & security

Protect your products

RFID/NFC transponders possess globally unique serial numbers called UIDs. Safety-relevant information can be stored on their chips and RFID/NFC transponders can be integrated almost invisibly into products and objects. This makes them a much smarter way of securing and identifying...

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Maintenance, servicing and facility management with RFID & NFC

Home Applications Maintenance, servicing & facility management

Maintenance, servicing & facility management

Increase you efficency

RFID/NFC transponders are the ideal way of uniquely labelling and effectively managing large numbers of items. They prevent mix-ups and greatly simplify capturing processes (including documentation). This is how to turn maintenance, servicing and facility management...

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Intelligent RFID and NFC labels | smart-TEC


smart-LABEL Classic

smart-LABEL Security

From holograms to security embossing, to VOID effects and special adhesives: sophisticated security features make copying and forging the label almost...

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Process and production control with RFID/NFC transponders

Home Applications Process & production management

Process & production management

Simplify processes

Industry 4.0 is based around the digital networking of machines, raw materials, products and people. Its aim is to permanently increase productivity and efficiency. In this context, RFID/NFC transponders are an essential component and crucial to implementing Smart Factories.

Benefits compared with conventional labelling:

Longevity: tough and resilient for industrial use.

Readability: no smearing, no fading, dirt doesn't affect scanning.

Intelligence: smart components 'think'...

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