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RFID Readers | Strategic Systems

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RFID Readers

RFID is an ideal technology for identity verification, product authentication, access control, inventory monitoring, asset tracking and more - which means that RFID readers are being used by all kinds of businesses. Retailers and manufacturers are seeing the benefits, yes, but so are enterprises involved with public transportation, parks access, and event ticketing -...

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Strategic Systems | Cost of RFID

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How much does an RFID solution cost? The short answer: "It depends."

The cost of RFID is determined by several factors -- but without knowing the size and specific details of your environment, what you'll be tracking, or the type of system you need, it's impossible to provide even a close estimate of what your cost would be. At best, a Google search may turn up numbers on component...

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RFID Starter Kit with Passive UHF RFID Reader -

1 Alien ALR-H450 handheld RFID reader

1 StrategicRFID[TM] Mobile Utility license

100 assorted EPC Gen 2 passive RFID tags

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The Perfect RFID Starter Package

We've combined the StrategicRFID[TM] Mobile Utility with Alien's high-performance ALR-H450 handheld RFID reader and EPC Gen 2 UHF tags. Together, these...

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RFID Starter Kit with Passive UHF RFID Reader | Strategic ...

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RFID Starter Kit

- 1 Alien ALR-H450 handheld RFID reader

- 1 StrategicRFID[TM] Mobile Utility license

- 100 assorted EPC Gen 2 passive RFID...

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Strategic Systems and Technology Corporation

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What We Do

Strategic Systems is a solutions company that focuses on enterprise mobility, RFID, and wireless networking. We help Fortune 1000 companies and other businesses with their professional services and enterprise technology needs. We are also a trusted resource for software applications and custom development services.

Our Approach

Technology depends on change: as practical...

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RFID Warehouse Management | Strategic Systems RFID ...

Strategic Systems' RFID solutions.

Provide greater visibility into your inventory as it moves across the supply chain.

Enable faster inventory turns and less stagnant stock.

Decrease warehouse work functions from inventory to pick/pack/ship and put away.

Ensure the right goods reach the right customers at the right time.

Achieve maximum visibility into your enterprise assets.

Capture critical...

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RFID Middleware - Barcoding & RFID Solutions

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To understand RFID middleware, take a journey into space (... the final frontier ...) and picture the scene: With explosions rocking his ship and panicked crew members shouting urgently from their posts around the command center, Captain Jean-Luc Picard maintains his cool at the center of the Bridge on the Starship Enterprise. He requests a status update from one crew member and...

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Printers | Strategic Systems

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ZT410 | RFID Industrial Printer

With a print width of 4 inches, the ZT410 RFID printer/encoder has print speeds up to 14 ips and offers high-resolution (600 dpi) printing for small-label applications.

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ZT420 | RFID Industrial Printer

Fast and reliable, the ZT420 RFID printer/encoder has a print width of 6 inches and can print up to 12 ips.

ZT420 Full View

ZT220 |...

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RFID in the Hospitality Industry | Strategic Systems

Fixed RFID readers like the Zebra FX7500 are ideal for deployment in nearly any venue or environment, thanks to their low profile and compact footprint.

Our RFID solutions can help you transform your guest experience.

If you're a hospitality manager or executive looking for a cost effective way to improve operational efficiencies, improve guest experiences and give you unprecedented visibility into any aspect of your organization, we can help. RFID has the capability to track thousands of items per minute with near-perfect accuracy and can be...

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RFID Manufacturing Solutions from Strategic Systems

Just-in-Sequence Tracking

Yard Management

The FX9500 Fixed RFID Reader delivers extremely high read performance, so you can quickly and accurately identify and track large volumes of RFID-tagged cases, pallets and other fast-moving goods with a RFID warehouse solution.

Would you like to improve speed and efficiency, eliminate human errors, and increase information availability?

Our RFID warehouse solutions can help you to address logistics problems that affect your manufacturing and distribution operations, enabling you to operate more efficiently and profitably. Whether...

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