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RFID Background - Vizinex RFID

RFID Background

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is an automated data capture technology that identifies labeled or tagged objects wirelessly. The system consists of an RFID tag and an RFID tag reader that relays the information on the tag, in digital form, to a computer system.

Unlike bar-code labels, which can only function if the bar-code is oriented towards the scanner and...

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Medical Uses for RFID Products - Vizinex RFID

Medical Uses for RFID Products

There are a lot of interesting ways to use RFID products in the medical field. However now that the tags, themselves, can be made small; pharmaceuticals, lab samples, wristbands and other medical equipment can be tracked and traced, and data entry can be automated. Thus, RFID products in the medical field are aiding in the elimination of medical mistakes.

There are...

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RFID for Yard Management | Vizinex

RFID for Yard Management

Asset tracking in distribution centers, terminal yards, seaport yards and laydown yards - both civilian and military - is a challenging proposition.

Yards are often quite large, and materials and containers are moved frequently. Likewise, there is significant room for human error when dealing with large quantities of materials that must be tracked by pick-up location,...

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RFID Tags for Inventory and Supply Chain Management

Vizinex RFID solutions can help you tackle even your toughest inventory and supply chain management challenges.

With durable, reliable and high-performing Vizinex RFID tags, you can track every part and every piece of inventory - arriving, leaving or in a warehouse. Vizinex RFID tags can be used to replace legacy asset tracking systems (manual, barcode or RFID), or augment and add value to...

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Success Stories - Vizinex RFID

Reducing Waste, Increasing Uptime for a Tire Manufacturer

A subtle problem was causing substantial material waste, scrap and factory downtime for a major tire manufacturer. Though the issue caused significant frustration and financial loss, no solution presented itself ... until RFID came to the rescue. At the manufacturing plant, tire floors are formed by extruding hot rubber through an eight-...

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RFID for Manufacturing | Vizinex

RFID for Manufacturing

Industrial environments - like manufacturing plants, mines, refineries, power generation plants and warehouses - can be chaotic places. Assets come and go. Material is constantly in motion. Without the proper safeguards in place, things get lost - harming efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Fortunately, it is possible to generate accurate, real-time data on the...

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RFID for Asset Management | Vizinex

RFID for Asset Management

Today's most innovative manufacturers are turning to RFID technology to accomplish this...

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RFID Solutions for Health Care | Vizinex


RFID for Health Care

In a health care setting, high-value assets must be sterilized frequently. This presents a conundrum for those tasked with keeping track of those assets: How do you automate a system when equipment must undergo regular autoclave cycles?

Too often, this challenge resulted in the use of error-prone manual practices. No longer. Thanks to Vizinex RFID, it's possible to utilize highly efficient, accurate RFID-based asset tracking solutions - even for autoclave-sterilized devices.

Why Use RFID For Tracking Autoclaved Medical Devices?

There are numerous benefits to using RFID technology for medical device...

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RFID for Aerospace Asset Tracking | Vizinex

RFID for Aerospace

Few sectors require accurate, timely data more than the aerospace industry.

Aircraft are inspected and repaired according to strict schedules; knowing that critical maintenance actually occurred is absolutely critical. Likewise, it is important to keep track of the (often specialized and expensive) tools used in aircraft maintenance.

Accountability is equally important in the...

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Sentry High Temperature RFID Tag | Vizinex

Rapidly developing, highly tolerant, reliable, hi-performance RFID tags, tailored for demanding applications, is Vizinex's field of expertise. Vizinex's area of differentiation is rooted in exploring and developing highly tolerant, reliable and performance- driven tags.

Autoclave presents a very harsh environment and it is not an area where many RFID developers dare to go. The temperature of an...

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