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433MHz hardware products. Tags, Readers, Antennas - Wavetrend

Wavetrend offers a variety of Active 433MHz hardware products for the real-time tracking of people and assets including Active Tags, Readers, and Antennas which can be deployed to create a comprehensive Active RFID infrastructure.

Wavetrend tags are generally categorised as Personnel or Asset Tags and can be enhanced with the following options to address specific application requirements which include;

Motion Sensor - to detect or monitor the movement of tagged assets or personnel

Accelerometer - contains a three axial accelerometer with X,Y,Z and alarm reporting.

Sensor Tags -...

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About Us | Active RFID systems | Wavetrend


About Us

Wavetrend is an award-winning RFID solutions provider, working with clients and partner organisations across the globe. We offer real-time, automated tracking and management of critical business assets...

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RFID personnel evacuation monitoring solutions | Wavetrend

Vehicle & Contents Tracking

Evacuation Monitoring

A Personnel Evacuation Monitoring solution for improving worker safety and operational efficiency is critical for organizations where speed of evacuation and certainty of all personnel being safely off the plant is essential such as oil and gas refineries, mining operations, pharmaceutical and chemical plants.

Tracking on-site personnel is traditionally accomplished using manual systems...

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