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Handbook of Smart Antennas for RFID Systems

Section I: Introduction to RFID.

Chapter 1: The Evolution of RFID (B. Jamali, The University of Adelaide).

Chapter 2: Introduction to RFID systems (S.M. Roy and N.C. Karmakar, Monash University).

Chapter 3: Recent Paradigm Shift in RFID and Smart Antennas (N.C. Karmakar, Monash University).

Section II: RFID Reader Systems.

Chapter 4: Modern RFID Readers (S. Parardovic and N.C. Karmakar, Monash...

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Wiley: RFID Handbook: Fundamentals and Applications in ...


This is the third revised edition of the established and trusted RFID Handbook; the most comprehensive introduction to radio frequency identification (RFID) available.

This essential new edition contains information on electronic product code (EPC) and the EPC global network, and explains near-field communication (NFC) in depth. It includes revisions on chapters devoted to the physical principles of RFID systems and microprocessors, and supplies up-to-date details on relevant standards and regulations.

Taking into account critical modern concerns, this handbook provides the latest information on:

the use of RFID in ticketing and...

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Wiley: RFID and Contactless Smart Card Applications ...

Part One: Review and supplementary information.

1 Review.

1.1 The Elements of a Contactless Device.

1.2 General Operating Principles of the "Base Station-Transponder" Pair.

1.3 Before We Continue . . . Conventional Notation.

2 The Transponder: Supplementary Information.

2.1 Ready-made Products.

2.2 Specification or Choice of the Transponder Integrated Circuit.

2.3 The Transponder Antenna.

3 The...

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