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What Are the Different Types of RFID Tag Antenna?

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Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags are used to keep track of inventory and aid in stolen property recovery. Additional uses include paying for toll charges through automatic bank account deduction, warehouse supply management and security measures. An RFID tag antenna communicates a unique bar code back to a computer system that determines...

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What is an RFID Transponder? (with pictures) -

An RFID transponder is typically designed to detect a radio signal from another device and return an expected response. In an RFID system, the transponder may be known as a tag, and the device that communicates with it is called a reader. There are three main types of RFID transponder, including passive, semi-passive and active. The main difference between these types of RFID transponder is that...

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What is a UHF RFID Tag? (with pictures) -

Passive tags can be erased, allowing data to be rewritten and the tag reused.

One drawback is that UHF RFID tags rely on radio waves, and some material can cause radio interference. Factories with steel frameworks, metallic products or liquids...

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