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RFID Circuit & PCB Design Notes

It's usually very important that the voltage supply to an RFID reader is protected from ripple and interference.

Where you have noisy electronics in the proximity:

A simple RC filter of 10R and 1000uF will go a long way to preventing interference. Better still is using a separate power supply from a dedicated voltage regulator if you have the option.

Use a star...

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125kHz RFID Tag Reader · George Brown - electronics.digital

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As part of my course's labs, we had to design a RFID reader board. This project served two purposes; it let us use the skills learned in our communications system lectures, and also gain practical experience in PCB design. This project was done in partnership with Harry Beadle .

The board is designed to operate with 125kHz tags. These have been superseded by 13�MHz ISM tags for...

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