RFID Secure Protocol Based on Time-Based Hash Chain

RFID Secure Protocol Based on Time-Based Hash...

RFID Secure Protocol Based on Time-Based Hash Chain


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This paper describes several typical RFID privacy protection protocol security methods. To improve the security of RFID protocols, which proposed in the literature and some deficiencies, propose a new time-based hash chain function. The program can be effective against...

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Asset Tracking Systems. Asset Tracking Devices. RFID GPS ...

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Welcome to NFC, an award winning real time asset tracking and recovery company using combined�RFID GPS tracking systems, we supply a hugely diverse range of market-leading turnkey asset tracking solutions for companies, governments and NGOs around the globe. We specialise in complex real time asset visibility and security solutions...

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Seven RFID Organizations Support Open-Source Low-Level ...

A group of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology organizations today announced their support for the open-source development of EPCglobal-compliant Low-Level Reader Protocol (LLRP) software libraries, which enable EPCglobal UHF Gen 2 communications via the LLRP universal reader-to-network interface.

The initial group comprising IBM, Impinj, Intermec, OATSystems, Pramari, Reva Systems,...

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CenTrak - Wikipedia

Company[ edit ]

CenTrak was founded in 2003 by Ari Naim (President and CEO), Gideon Naim ( CFO ), and Israel Amir ( CTO ). [3]

The company initially "developed a way to use radio frequency to measure distance and used it to make security devices that people could attach to such things as briefcases or their children. If a device exceeded a certain distance from its owner," it would make an...

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Hospitals worldwide are achieving real benefits from employing RFID technology to:

• Improve patient monitoring and safety

• Increase asset utilization with real-time tracking

• Enhance supply chain efficiencies

• Boost revenue with automated billing

• Manage inventory more efficiently

• Reduce medical errors using track-and-match applications

This one-day preconference seminar will...

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