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Plastic Small Rfid Tag With Barcode / Disposable Rfid Tags For Books

Plastic Small Rfid Tag With Barcode / Disposable Rfid Tags For Books UHF RFID library tag is specially designed for the management of books and important confidential documents. It is high performance, but also uneasy to be remove. It's high read rate, which could reach to 500pcs/sec, making it more convenient for the library to...

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Impinj - Wikipedia

History[ edit ]

Impinj was founded in 2000 based on the research of Carver Mead and his student Chris Diorio. The name Impinj stands for "Impact-ionized Hot-electron Injection". [3] In 2006, Impinj became the first company to introduce products based on the EPCglobal UHF Gen 2 standard. [4] [5] Bear Stearns reported in 2006 that Wal-Mart issued contracts to Impinj and Alien Technology , including...

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RFID labels, digital printing - inotec - inotecbsl.com

Inotag Diotough HUW labels are constructed from 50µ (micron) polyester foil. Reverse printing makes these labels extremely scratch resistant, wipe and wash proof and highly resistant to UV weathering. Our HUW adhesive offers excellent grab strength on various surfaces.

Applications: Crates, Pallets, Asset ID

Standard Size: 103x20 mm

Chip Types: UHF EPC Class 1 Gen 2 (Impinj, NXP, Alien)


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Boycott Gillette - About RFID



RFID stands for Radio Frequency IDentification, a technology that uses tiny computer chips smaller than a grain of sand to track items at a distance. RFID "spy chips" have been hidden in the packaging of Gillette razor products and in other products you might buy at a local Wal-Mart, Target, or Tesco - and they are already being used to spy on people.

(Photo: © Liz McIntyre...

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Date: 2006-01-02 16:08:37
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Alien Technology - RAIN RFID

Alien Technology is one of the industry's most experienced, quality suppliers of RFID innovations, technologies and products. We are the only vertically...

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RFID cards - ID Solutions India

ID Tech Solutions is a prominent RFID cards manufacturer and supplier located in New Delhi, INDIA with a proven track record of customer satisfaction and a long list of clientele. We are a reliable source of passive and active RFID [Radio Frequency Identification] Cards. RFID cards have RFID chip for transmitting information to a reader. One does not have to swipe the card through a reader,...

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Alien Technology Trusted Performance™ for RFID

Join Alien At These Events in 2017


Alien Technology速 Introduces New Affordable Android Handheld Reader with High Gain Antenna and Full-QWERTY Keyboard

The RFID Experts.

From choosing a solution to field deployment, we are here...

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Privacy concerns grow with the use of RFID tags - SFGate

RFID tags - miniature chips that use radio waves to exchange data with reading devices - have been around since World War II, but with production costs dropping and applications sprouting at an unprecedented level, the industry believes the technology's time is now.

But while businesses see RFID as a way to obtain valuable information about their products' whereabouts, critics worry that the...

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RFID Labels - Identiv

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Combined with Identiv's RFID inlays, labels are available in a wide range of form factors and sizes (rectangular, square, or even round). Built with plastics and a paper surface for printing, the transponders can be used on any type of surface (e.g., mobile phone, smart card, etc.). Several dimensions of labels are offered with various thicknesses thin label designs are usable with existing card printers while thicker stickers provide enhanced reading performance.

Identiv's tom® (tag-on-metal) label...

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RFID Connect: Vendors and Suppliers directory for RFID ...


For over 40 years, AIM has served as the association and worldwide authority on automatic identification, data collection and networking in a mobile environment. AIM members are manufacturers, distributors, resellers and end-users of bar code, RFID, RTLS and mobile computing solutions. AIM is dedicated to accelerating the growth and use of Automatic Identification and Mobility technologies...

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RFID Labels - Radio Frequency Identification Labels ...

Race timing

What is RFID?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an automatic identification method that stores and remotely retrieves data via an RFID tag or transponder.

How does RFID Work?

An RFID programmer encodes information onto a tiny microchip within a thin RFID tag that looks much like a normal pressure sensitive carton label. This tag is attached to a carton as it begins its supply...

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RFID Enabled Retail Supply Chain - msdn.microsoft.com

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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

RFID Enabled Retail Supply Chain


   Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

   Microsoft .NET Platform

Summary: Use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to improve your organization's efficiency in tracking goods...

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