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Alien ALR-9780 RFID Reader has been discontinued.� Please call TPI for replacement options.� 888-488-4244.

The Alien ALR-9780 provides both EPC Class 1 Gen 1 support and Gen 2 support. Field-upgradeable firmware enables ongoing support for popular, EPC Gen 2 compliant tags.

Field -Tested, Widely-Supported Software Interface

The ALR-9780 is supported by a wide range of RFID middleware, WMS and enterprise software platforms. Software integration is implemented through the use of royalty-free Java and .NET libraries found in a well-documented Software Developer's Kit. Alien...

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ALIEN RFID Reader ALR-9800, ALIEN RFID Tags, RFID Labels ...

ALIEN ALR-9800 RFID Reader

The Alien ALR-9800 is the RFID reader based on the Alien Enterprise RFID Platform, designed from the ground up for EPC Class 1 Gen 2 compliance. The ALR-9800 sets new standards for RFID readers through its:

Enterprise-scalable architecture

Highest performance read capability

Superior dense reader management

The result is a new-generation reader ideal for...

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Alien 9800 - RifidiWiki - Transcends

4 Inputs, 8 Outputs

Historical Note

The Alien reader was the first reader that Pramari implemented, so therefore some of code in the emulator (such as the timestamp information in the tags and the tag memory) is alien specific. For more information about the structure of the emulator see Engine Overview .

Basis of Virtual Reader

The implementation of the virtual reader is based on the testing of...

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Date: 2016-05-02 01:42:09

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Configuring RFID Devices -


Configuring RFID Devices


Supported RFID Readers Summary

You need one or more RFID readers to use the WebLogic RFID Edge Server. All the supported makes and models of readers are shown in Table 2-1 . The reader models marked with an asterisk (*) have substantially similar command sets and capabilities as others in the same row, but they have not been as extensively tested.

Table 2-1 ...

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Date: 2009-10-06 18:31:01

RFID Systems - inLogic

RFID Asset Tracking Solutions

Do you know where your fixed assets are?��Our RFID asset tracking solutions do...

inLogic provides RFID fixed asset tracking solutions that help organizations save time, reduce operating costs, and improve asset visibility. Our RFTrack.NET software platform delivers RFID asset tracking features that automate fixed asset inventory ...

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Emulator User's Guide - RifidiWiki - Transcends

A quick start video is available at


Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003 or Linux (Ubuntu, Red Hat, SuSe)


For Emulator 1.5.1 and above: Sun Java Runtime Environment 1.6 update 4 or higher Note: Not yet supported on Java 1.8 on product backlog

For Emulator 1.5 and below: Sun Java Runtime Environment 1.5


Emulator is...

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Alien Higgs-3 UHF RFID TAG IC – NFC tag,rfid chip and pvc ...

NFC tag,rfid chip and pvc card supplier

SmartChipSystem(SCS), established as a high technologies company dedicated to developed and marketing IC Card and RFID Chip products. With our long-years experience in IC Card and RFID Chip line, and the support of renowned Global chip supplier. Which we substitutional semiconductor products as IC Card and RFID Chip are already widely used in Communications, Financial, Government, Public Security etc. Our main products: Memory Chip Cards, CPU Chip Cards, Java Chip Cards, RFID Cards,...

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3M ID 3110 UHF USB Reader Writer Desktop Reader, Delhi ...

3110 is a desktop reader designed for use in a variety of applications, supporting the unique requirements for an integrated RFID reader/antenna, packaged for desktop applications. Developed for verifying and commissioning ISO 18000-6C based RFID tags with ease of use and desktop space constraints in mind, the IDentity 3110 offers a compact design featuring an integrated circular polarized antenna.

Box Size:1

Unit Size:L12 cm x W8 cm x H3 cm


Compact sized for easy...

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