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Allflex Electronic ID Tags are the foundation of individual...

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Date: 2017-03-04 04:11:01
Website: http://www.eartagcentral.com

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Tag ID - Holstein Association USA

Tag ID

Dairy producers use the Holstein Tag ID program to officially identify animals in their herd with ear tags. Excellent for day-to-day herd management, Holstein Association USA offers Allflex tamper-proof ear tags.

Inventory Tags

Holstein Association USA offers official 840 ear tags in both visual and RFID (Radio...

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Website: http://www.holsteinusa.com

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Cow Sense Store - Animal ID

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Animal ID

Electronic identification (EID) adds speed and accuracy to your cattle management systems.  It enables you to view animal records instantly and to add new information easily.  EID is essential in value added production when you want to receive information about your animals from the feedlot or processor, and it enables you to add that information to Cow Sense automatically,...

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Website: http://www.shopcowsense.com

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Custom Cattle Tags....

Tissue Sampling

Welcome to Custom Cattle Tags

We offer Allflex and Destron Fearing ear tags as well as EID readers, Allflex syringes, and a wide variety of accessories.

Custom Cattle Tags provides cattle producers the opportunity to purchase high quality visual ear tags at an affordable cost. Visual tags are the foundation of most identification programs. Check out the Allflex A tags...

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Website: http://www.customcattletags.com

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