Asset Tracking - Why Use RFID Tracking

How asset tracking works

The system

For accurate location tracking with RFID Discovery, each high-value medical device is fitted with an active RFID tag which transmits its unique ID at pre-set intervals.

GS1 Compliance

In addition, passive RFID tags incorporating GS1 barcodes can be used to keep an inventory of all medical assets, including lower value items. This provides an asset...

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GPS Tracking Devices. Global Supplier of Tracking Devices ...

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B360 High Value Asset Tracker

The B360 high value asset tracker designed and built in the UK is widely regarded as one of the most durable asset tracking devices available in the world today. Read More »

N360 MIcro Asset Tracker

The N360 has been evolved from the micro tracker to resolve a particularly common problem whereby customers...

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RFID Tracking Systems | IMEC Technologies

RFID tags can be read when they are covered or not visible - a tag can be read even if it is inside a box, carton or case

You can read multiple RFID tags at once - unlike bar codes, which can only be read one at a time.

RFID Tracking Systems from IMEC Technologies have been deployed for applications including:

Tool tracking on industrial sites

Logistics and distribution - tracking items in...

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RFID Pallet Tracking. Active RFID GPS. Real-time tracking

RFID Pallet Tracking

Warehouses are a principal part of any large product-based company. A company such as this requires a warehouse so that it can accommodate sudden demands. If the demand for a product is always met, profit can be optimised.

It is not sensible to allocate more money to stock than is required. There is a risk of being unable to utilize profits because of money spent...

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3M-Asset & Inventory Tracking System-RFID Reader Pad ...

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Details about  3M-Asset & Inventory Tracking System-RFID Reader Pad - Model #P12 Two Pads only

3M-Asset & Inventory Tracking System-RFID Reader Pad - Model #P12 Two Pads only

Seller information

"Good condition, but no way to test."


07 Jan, 2015 18:19:01 GMT

Starting bid:

Approximately EUR 3.79(including postage)

No additional import charges on...

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Software | Alien Technology

Software Partners

Alien's Extensive Partnerships Available to You

Alien is partnered with industry leading platform providers to optimize the integration of RFID solutions with enterprise software and hardware infrastructure, and other related business and enterprise applications.

Allentown Inc.

Allentown Inc.

Allentown, Inc. is the global leader in research animal housing with over 600 customers...

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Mobile RFID Solutions - RFID systems for manufacturing ...


CoreRFID is one of the leading developers of applications for mobile and handheld devices using RFID.

Over the past 10 years, we have developed the skills needed to deliver reliable, secure, easy-to-use applications on mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, hand-held computers and PDA's.

Our approach of creating applications that fit with the jobs of the people that use them has won approval from companies in many industries and from the UK and across the world.


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Radio-frequency identification in schools - Wikipedia

United States[ edit ]

It is thought that the first school in the USA to introduce RFID technology was Spring Independent School District near Houston, Texas. In 2004, it gave 28,000 students RFID badges [1] to record when students got on and off school buses. This was expanded in 2008 to include location tracking on school campuses. [2] Parents protested in January 2005 when Brittan Elementary...

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AssetWare UK: Specialists in Asset Management Software ...

Fixed Asset Management

For 25 years, Assetware have been delivering world class fixed asset solutions to our clients in the UK and around the world.

Our products allow organisations to manage their fixed asset base with ease, saving time and effort whilst providing accurate and timely information for reporting purposes.

Fixed Asset Accounting

Easy to use, flexible Fixed Asset Accounting Software that complies to IAS, IFRS and Sarbox to name a few. Save time and money by selecting easy to deploy fixed asset accounting software that does more than simply account for your assets.


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Vanuston - Business Software | CRM | ERP Solutions

User-centric, easy-to-use, state of the art technology, high quality, save time, pocket-friendly.



Vanuston, one of the leading players in the software domain offers sophisticated retail management software that is available at the most affordable price in the market.   Read More..


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