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For more information about NLIS tags, devices and tag manufacturers, see the Accredited Devices Lists for Cattle and Sheep and Goats .

What is an (electronic) RFID? What is a (visual) NLISID?

An electronic Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) has both an NLISID and an RFID number. Both of these numbers can be used to individually identify animals on your property. When you buy NLIS...

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lglibtech - RFID in Libraries

Mick Fortune, owner and sole proprietor of Library RFID Ltd. He offers advice and support to librarians and the library industry.

Includes links to resources, standards etc


EDItEUR was active in the development of the ISO standard 28560 for RFID in Libraries, sponsoring one of the editors of the three-part standard and arguing for a flexible approach that mandates a minimum of data (e.g....

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