RFID shielding wallets don't shield. RFID requires ...

RFID shielding wallets neither disclose the materials used nor any tests performed.

"There are lots of cheap wallets that claim to block RFID but don't. The cheapest one I found that still works is the DIFRwear RFID Blocking Flip Side Wallet in black leather for about $23." http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/what-are-rfid-blocking-wallets-which-should-you-buy/

One customer reported that her dormitory's...

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RFID in India – BioEnable


RFID in India is similar to smart card India. In case of RFID, the devices communicate via radio waves instead of smart cards getting swapped on the readers. RFID in India is mostly used in shopping malls to prevent theft.

RFID in India has limited use only in objects or accessories. The chip is enabled in objects by the help of micro-processors, stickers or plastic checkpoints and is...

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Difference Between RFID and Barcode

Differences between RFID and Barcode

o Barcodes need to be brought close to the scanner to be read while RFID tags can be read from a great distance

o If there is a trolley full of items going out of a mall, an RFID scanner can read all the items in a few seconds which is not possible with a barcode system

o RFID tags are expensive in comparison to barcodes which is inhibiting their mass usage. On...

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Simple Cost Analysis for RFID Options – Choice Must Fit ...

in Asset Identification April 28, 2015

By Thomas Watson, AMI

Not surprisingly, IT Asset Managers have been asking more and more about the use of RFID to reduce the time and effort tracking assets, especially by implementing RFID technology in as many places as possible.   As prices drop on RFID technology, the benefits become more and more realistic.

A customer recently asked me how much he...

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Barcode vs. RFID: Which is better? - PrognoStore

Barcode vs. RFID: Which is better?

Barcodes are well known for inhabiting a small amount of real estate on almost all products. Since the 1960s we've become used to seeing barcodes on everything from cereal boxes and clothing, to library books and concert tickets.

Now there is a new kid on the block: radio-frequency identification (more commonly referred to as RFID). Around since the 1990s, RFID...

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