Scientists Print Cheap RFID Tags On Paper | Silicon UK

A way to print Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips right onto paper has been discovered  by a team of scientists from University of Montpellier.

The technique uses a thermal evaporation process to deposit of thin aluminium coil antennas on sheets of paper which can later be used to create packaging or printed material. Researchers claim that this works out to be cheaper than any other...

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Build a cheap RFID Tag reader for UK Livestock using ...

Build a cheap RFID Tag reader for UK Livestock using RaspberryPi Zero

Following retirement from my career as a medical doctor, I now have a smallholding of some 40 acres with three flocks of rare breed sheep numbering about 150 in total.

Recent regulations from the European Union require that all sheep are tagged with EID ear tags and a comprehensive record of all intervention is kept and...

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My experiences with RFID - QtuTrains

Tagging some or all rolling stock is very tempting for many reasons.

As a train passes over a tag reader the controller can:

See the makeup of the train

Know which loco is/are pulling the train.

Know calibration data for how the loco behaves

Deduce the class of the train and how it should be handled.

Know how fast the train should travel.

Calculate the length of the train if all rolling...

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