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In cars that have RFID entry and ignition, it's an all-in-one process. Break the codes, and you can not only unlock the doors, but also start the car and drive away. According to some security experts, this is the problem with the system. RFID is a really great addition to a car's physical security system, but on its own, it allows for complete access with just a single act of...

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Are RFID ignition systems secure? | HowStuffWorks

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RFID relies on radio-frequency signals to create a system that, for the first several years it was in use, was indeed uncrackable. In the 1990s, many a car thief was thwarted by the rather brilliant addition of RFID immobilizers to regular old physical keys. An RFID immobilizer is a chip embedded in the top part of an ignition key. This chip sends out an encrypted string of...

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Hack to steal cars with keyless ignition: Volkswagen spent ...

Three researchers uncovered flaws in the RFID Megamos Crypto transponder found in keys and key fobs; it's supposed to stop an engine from starting without the transponder being near the vehicle.

Roel Verdult, Flavio Garcia, and Baris Ege

They took their findings about the weaknesses in the cryptography and authentication protocol to the Swiss manufacturer of the chip in February 2012, giving them...

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Key (lock) - Wikipedia

Main article: Keycard lock

A keycard is a flat, rectangular plastic card with identical dimensions to that of a credit card or driver's license that stores a physical or digital signature that the door mechanism accepts before disengaging the lock.

There are several popular type of keycards in use including the mechanical holecard , bar code , magnetic stripe , Wiegand wire embedded cards, smart...

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How to Program A New Keyless Entry Remote Ford BA Falcon

How to Program A New Keyless Entry Remote Ford BA Falcon

November 14th, 2007

I like to write the occasional 'how-to' on this site to answer questions I've found really difficult or impossible to find an answer for online.

Ok - so... recently the keyless entry remote for my 2003 BA XLS Ute went on the fritz, which caused the 'panic' alarm to go off at all hours of the night without warning.

I did...

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RFid Based Attendance Management System | Microtronics ...

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Attendance needs to be taken at various places including colleges, school for students and in the industries for the login logout time of employees. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based attendance management system can be used in any college or university or company. Main objective of RFID based...

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