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RFID viruses: A threat or not?

by Steve Kerrison on 16 March 2006, 14:19

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While some might say that RFID technology itself is a virus set to spread the earth (a demonic one at that, according to a few), a recent investigation by security researchers has revealed that RFID tags could be used to spread computer viruses. But is the threat of a virus from an RFID tag real, or will...

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The State of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): New ...

1. Part 2: New EPC Gen2 RFID Standard Emerges

[Figure 1] is a typical passive ultra-high frequency (UHF) tag. Usually the tag is a dipole antenna, as opposed to a circular or loop antenna like you would see on a 13.56 MHz tag.

[One advantage of UHF--why is everyone so excited about UHF?] It's because you get a longer read range. You're going to get three feet at most with a 13.56 MHz tag, and...

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ExpoTools - RFID Solutions + Service

Here are some of the items available for these services:


A light weight, battery powered RFID reader with color graphical LCD display and touchscreen. Features include: WiFi capable, Direct to Web, Assistance Request, Custom Qualifiers, Custom Surveys, Remote Monitoring, Wireless Printing, Wireless Connect to PC, operates 30-40 hours on a single charge. More Info.


An economical solution for tracking traffic flow within an event venue. Passive, non-contact tracking with 99% accuracy. Reads UHF 915 Mhz RFID tags. For doorways up to 7 feet wide. More...

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RFID technology has received more and more attention in many areas like manufacturing

companies, agriculture, hospitality [8], industries, parking management [9] and transportation [10]

sectors. Major applications of RFID are given below:

Healthcare Applications

RFID applications in healthcare [6] could save important resources that can further contribute to

better patient care....

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(PDF) An introduction to RFID technology - ResearchGate

Figure 1. Three different RFID tags--they

come in all shapes and sizes.


ver since the advent of large-scale manufacturing, rapid iden-

tification techniques have helped speed the handling of

goods and materials. Historically, printed labels--a simple, cost-

effective technology--have been the staple of the manufacturing

industry. In the 1970s, labeling made a giant leap forward with


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Tracking your data using RFID - Technology & Science - CBC ...

Radio Frequency Identification tags are used to keep track of inventory, library books and passports. ((Eckehard Schulz/Associated Press))

What is RFID?

Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, is a generic term for technology that uses radio waves to identify people or objects. Information ranging from a simple serial number to more complex data is carried on a microchip with an antenna that can...

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RFID Secure Protocol Based on Time-Based Hash Chain

RFID Secure Protocol Based on Time-Based Hash...

RFID Secure Protocol Based on Time-Based Hash Chain


Article Preview

This paper describes several typical RFID privacy protection protocol security methods. To improve the security of RFID protocols, which proposed in the literature and some deficiencies, propose a new time-based hash chain function. The program can be effective against...

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Transponder & Reader Engineered Systems, Inc. is an RFID development group. �With our TRES433 Active and TRES900 Passive UHF products, it is our mission to provide the best quality, high performance and most cost-effective passive and active receiver and tags and credential solutions for our Integrators in a variety of...

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Library and Information Science: Use of RFID Technology in ...

The Library should be open about its use of RFID technology including providing publicly available documents stating the rational for using RFID, objectives of its use and associated policies and procedure and who to contact with questions.

Signs should be pasted at all facilities using RFID. The signs should inform the public that RFID technology is in use, the types of usage and a statement of...

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Tracking your data using RFID | CBC News

Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, is a generic term for technology that uses radio waves to identify people or objects. Information ranging from a simple serial number to more complex data is carried on a microchip with an antenna that can be as small as a grain of sand.

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CBC News ·

Posted: May 13, 2009 3:16 PM ET | Last Updated: May 19, 2009

Radio Frequency Identification...

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RFID Based Attendace System - DNA Technology



In all aspects of our life, we encounter event recording applications very often. Recording of any entity be it sound, pictures, events etc. is very useful as it enables us to manipulate data to our requirements. One can exploit the full potential of the recorded information for specific user defined purposes. Keeping in mind the significance of event...

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School Bus Tracking System - Biometric Solutions | RFID ...

Student Care Solution by School Bus Tracking & In Bus Attendance.


We understand that the School buses are under constant pressure to provide a safe, reliable service to the students and their parents and also to raise profits for the fleet owners. So Ashtopus Technologies provides a highly automated and customizable Student Care and School bus safety solution to reduce the stress on the...

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Medical Computers - All in One Medical PCs | Cybernet

What is a medical grade grade computer?

What Is A Medical Grade Computer?

A medical grade computer is a computer designed for hospital and healthcare settings. A medical grade computer has an antimicrobial housing that has been designed, tested and certified for near patient use, and complies with the medical standards and regulations in operational performance, reliability, patient safety, and...

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Powercast’s Chipset and RF Energy Harvesting Reference ...

Press Release

Powercast's Chipset and RF Energy Harvesting Reference Design Enable Low-Cost Wireless Power over Distance

Pittsburgh, PA -- February 22, 2012 -- Powercast Corporation, a provider of innovative wireless power technology, today announced its RF-based wireless power chipset and reference design for embedded, low-power, wireless charging applications. The chipset and reference design,...

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Radio-Frequency Identification devices, is infection a ...

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) devices. We use them every day - some of us without even realizing it. For instance books or DVDs in some libraries have RFID tags that are scanned when they go in and out of a library database. We are granted access to offices and restricted premises using RFID badges. Some supermarkets and warehouses have run pilot programs to track and scan goods using...

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Tikitag: A barcode-based alternative to personal RFID tags

In the same week as Microsoft's own rollout of Tags, smaller personal electronic tag maker Tikitag -- an Alcatel-Lucent venture -- talked up the future addition of less expensive barcode tags to its existing RFID offering.

Tikitag -- first announced at the the Demo show in San Diego -- uses high frequency RFID (HFRFID) operating at 13.56 MHz to connect real world items such as business cards, stuffed toys, and paintings to the Web through passive RFID tags and active readers.

The technology is also compatible with Near Field Communication (NFC), a standard based on HFRFID which is now being implemented in some mobile phones.

Speaking with Betanews...

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Tags RFID | Mil-Pac Technology

Generic RFID Label

RFID Label Format Selection

There are several factors to consider when deciding which RFID-enabled label format to use. Tag placement, data collection methodology and cost all come into play. Tag placement for palletized unit loads may also impact choice of format, and is discussed below.

The standard suggests use of the address label (MSL) for loose containers, but also...

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Multiplying Value in active RFID - RFID Global Solution ...

Multiplying Value in Active RFID

Multiplying Value in active RFID

With DoD's award last December of a 10-year, $428 million contract for (RFID)-III initiative, Military Logistics Forum asked two of the awardees, Savi Corp., a Lockheed Martin company, and Unisys Inc. and RFID Global Solution if they would speak to MLF readers about the direction they feel DoD is taking the RFID industry in the...

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Retail RFID | Omni-ID

An IoT Solution for Retailers

Unlike simple barcodes, passive RFID labels and tags allow item-specific information to be programmed directly on the tag--SKU, serial number, date and place of manufacture, date of shipment, etc. When individual products are source-tagged or embedded into products at manufacture, this degree of information delivers near real-time item-level visibility and asset...

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10 steps to winning a government contract - Step 10 - The ...

Posted Date: Mar 23, 2006

Original Response Date: Apr 25, 2006

Current Response Date: Apr 25, 2006

Original Archive Date: Jun 24, 2006

Current Archive Date: Jun 24, 2006

Classification Code: 34--Metalworking machinery

Set Aside: Total Small Business

Naics Code: 333512 -- Machine Tool (Metal Cutting Types) Manufacturing

Contracting Office Address

ACA, Dugway Proving Ground, Division of...

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