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We are the best security service providers in pakistan, we have more than 1000 customers in all over pakistan, GS Security system never compromise on quality standards. RFID Car Security System It is a simple yet powerful security systems that secure your Car from unauthorized access, the systems Employs the Latest...

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Which RFID Frequency is Right for Your Application?

Which RFID Frequency is Right for Your Application?

October 29, 2012

By Shain Armstrong 37 Comments

LF, HF, and UHF

Similar to how a radio must be tuned to different frequencies to hear different channels, RFID tags and readers have to be tuned to the same frequency in order to communicate. There are several different frequencies an RFID system can use.  Generally, the most common are


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Rfid India Issues And Challenges Information Technology Essay

Rfid India Issues And Challenges Information Technology Essay


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23rd March, 2015

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RFID, or Radio frequency identification, is a generic term for technologies that use radio waves to automatically identify objects and collect data. The use of RFID dates...

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Resistant to harmful UV Rays

PVDF Teflon Germany

Provide Best Ambience Room Atmosphere

Tune Room Light According to Your Mood

Controlled by Remote

Solutions For Tomorrow's Living


We are taking this opportunity to introduce our company ASG Systems which is providing High Tech Materials, Equipments, Security and Automation Solutions to our valued customers. We offer the best...

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