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The Identiv RFID Multi-ISO Desktop Reader, USB offers a cost-efficient desktop solution for the high frequency (13.56 MHz) standards ISO14443 and ISO15693 in a single device with compact dimensions and a bi-colour status LED.


The innovative Identiv Multi-ISO High Frequency Reader supports all major HF...

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RFID industrial-grade handheld reader-RFID handheld reader ...


Barcode, UHF

  The CF-H5202product is an industry-level handheld terminal developed, designed, and produced based on features of different industries by CHAFON Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company). The CF-H5202 series adopt ergonomic design and is compact and flexible, shock-proof, and drop-proof. The CF-H5202 series can work in the standby mode for a long time. In...

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Website: http://www.chafon.com

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