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Avoiding Oyster card/contactless "Card Clash" and Double charging.

Contactless payment by Oyster card and similar travel cards. Many reports in the press regarding the card readers taking #contactless payments from credit/debit cards by error. This quick video shows that the VoyagerBlue contactless card shield allows you to safely use your Oyster whilst shielding your contactless bank card from unwanted accidental or fraudulent scanning. The shield available from is low cost patented and proven to make your contactless card invisible...

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VoyagerBlue RFID Shield Contactless card security

Demonstration of patented VB credit card shield protecting your contactless credit card from accidental payment, scanning and fraud.

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Contactless Cards RFID/NFC protect yours with VoyagerBlue from Gizmo

About VoyagerBlue contactless credit card and passport shields The patented answer. Make your card invisible Make it safe. Innovative new way to promote your brand/company. Get your message in everyday use! Protect your personal cards too.

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