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RFID Travel: RFID Journal Live 2009, Enhance your shopping experience using RFID technology.

We went to RFID Journal Live 2009 in Orlando to learn about new electronic gadgets and RFID products. The introduction of NFC enabled cell phones, item level tagging systems, and improved inventory management systems will lead to changes in store designs, methods of advertising, and shopping habits. We cant wait to try the new systems out.

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RFID Trash: Mobile mapping, documentation, and cleanup

We used RFID and cellular technology to assist in our cleanup of trash from Putah Creek. The collection sites were on both sides of Stevenson Bridge. The stakes/markers contained RFID tags and photos of beer cans and bottles. Each marker was photographed and mapped using an iPhone 3G. The unique RFID number was transferred to the collection bag using the Nokia 6131 NFC phone. After the area was cleaned, we used the NFC phone to read the ID and send a text message and time stamp to an...

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RFID Travel: Biometrics and RFID Truck at RFID Journal Live

We used an Air ID playback to read information from a tagged button. A link to a YouTube video was activated and an RFID movie was then displayed on an Apple MacBook Pro. Do you have problems keeping track of your tools? Well, at RFID Journal live 2008 we saw an RFID truck that might provide the answer. At the show we learned that Ford, DeWalt, and ThingMagic have teamed up together to provide a mobile solution to keep track of your tools. It will be launched next year in Ford 2009 trucks.

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Internet of Experiences: RFID Journal Live 2010

We went to RFID Journal Live 2010 in Orlando to look for small RFID tags and novel technology. We hope that improvements in NFC enabled cell phones, item level tagging, and tracking systems will lead to changes in methods of advertising and consumer shopping habits. We used a Nokia 6212 cell phone to read, display, and share an RFID video from a small laundry tag.

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Mobile Molecular RFID: NCBI blast using an iPhone

A nucleotide sequence was downloaded from an RFID tagged plant using a

Nokia 6131 cell phone. The information was sent as a SMS message to an

Apple iPhone. The cell phone‚s camera was then used to capture a

Microsoft tag that encoded a link to the NCBI webpage. The data from the

message was copied and pasted into the NCBI query box. The BLAST result

appeared on the screen of the iPhone. This is an example of mobile plant

molecular biology using RFID technology. The sequence was...

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The Internet of Experiences: Mobile RFID Blast from an iPad

Learn about endangered plants in a mobile environment. Personalize your research efforts using RFID technology. Store, retrieve, and share your genomics data. We used a Nokia 6212 cell phone to read and send an instant message to an Apple iPad 3G from an RFID tagged photocube. We were able to analyze and view the results from an NCBI blast search on an iPad. Our mobile, interactive method can be used to rapidly disseminate information about rare and endangered plants. Additional...

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RFID in Motion and The Internet of Experiences: AR.Drone Hula

The Internet of Experiences connects memories to RFID tagged items. We have developed a mobile system to personalize commercial products. In this process, we record events and deposit the information or links to the information on to RFID tags as digital signposts. At a latter point in time, these memories from the past are retrieved, displayed, and shared using NFC enabled cell phones. In our movie we retrieved and displayed an AR.Drone video from a tagged photo using a Nokia 6212 cell...

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RFID Cooking: Lumpia (E01200070126AA5B)

RFID technology can be used in cooking. In this example we are using a Nokia 6131 NFC cell phone to read an RFID tagged plate. The information was transferred and displayed on an Apple iPhone. We show a cooking video preparing lumpia.

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RFID Dining: Totally Transparent Tags, In Search of the Ultimate Sushi Bar

We believe that the informed consumer makes smart decisions to buy quality products. Our goal is provide an RFID system that allows the customer the opportunity to obtain product information and write personalized event related data on tagged items. RFID enabled cell phones allows them the ability to retrieve information in a mobile setting and immediately share it with others. Try our interactive dining system and help us find the best sushi bar in the world.

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RFID Travel: Microsoft WW RFID Solution Days

We are using a Nokia 6131 NFC phone to read a message from a tagged container. The information was then sent to an Apple iPhone where a YouTube video of the Seattle Microsoft RFID Solution Days show was displayed. In our video we feature Blue C Sushi, Zebra, Cathexis, Avery Dennison, Intel, Kenetics, Deister Electronics, Sato, Freedom Shopping, and Kikata.

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