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i have a problem in using USART for my RFID project | All ...

I am a beginner doing a project on RFID (radio frequency Identification). I am using a device, Parallax RFID Reader Module, to read the RFID transponder tags.

Each transponder tag contains a unique identifier (one of 240, or 1,099,511,627,776, possible combinations) that is read by the RFID Reader Module and transmitted to the host via a simple serial interface. For my project the unique code...

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RFID reader and tags circuit. - All About Circuits

RFID reader and tags. I've already succeeded on the basic circuit. The reader can already read the passive tags etc. The problem now is that, I need to add a new feature to eat and I was thinking to make something like, when someone enter the room, the lights and air-con will be switch on...

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125KHz RFID emulator -

jbillington Thread Starter New Member

Mar 25, 2011



Let me start by giving some background into my experience. I can solder decently, route working PCBs in EAGLE, perform home-etching, source components, easily assemble kits, design basic circuitry, etc. I am lacking, however, in a proper electrical education and have been studying The Art of Electronics to gain a better mathematical and conceptual understanding of components.

I recently decided that I wanted to test myself and build something to emulate a 125KHz RFID tag. It would require all of my skills and beyond to finish this, but I'm still confident I...

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125khz RFID antenna - All About Circuits

brianmay27 Thread Starter New Member

Oct 7, 2011


alfacliff said: ^

at 125 khz, you will not have a real antenna, the size would be prohibitive. the best you can hope for is an inductive pickup. a coil on a ferite bar would work fine. check amidon associates for ferite antenna material.


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Ok, good to know. So I would wrap the...

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LF Antenna Construction (125 to 134 kHz) | All About Circuits

I am attempting to capture the radiated wave from a couple passive RFID tags, one which transmits at 125 kHz and the other at 134 kHz. I need to make a rudimentary AM antenna to detect these...

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