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The contactless RFID desktop reader and writer are available in various designs and versions. Our handy USB stick readers transform any laptop into a mobile RFID reading station. Desktop readers can easily be placed on a counter and require minimal space for installation. Wall readers and fully integrated RFID terminals with touchscreen and graphical user interface are real eye-catchers at the point of sale.

Depending on the specifications of the RFID devices transponders and smart cards can not...

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Stick Reader EVO UHF -

Stick Reader EVO UHF is a compact RFID reader and writer with software programmalbe power output. It uses a USB interface for data transfer and power supply. RFID Stick...

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Handheld Reader UHF Reader I-PICK -

The UHF Handheld Reader I-PICK is a contactless RFID reader and data collector, which provides full mobility for long-range UHF tags. It has an integrated Bluetooth interface to connect to your PC, PDA or...

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Access Control Gate RFID Portal -

Access Control Gate UHF is a powerful RFID hardware system for entry control applications.

It is equipped with an Advant long-range four-channel industrial RFID...

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UHF Stick Reader R830 Embedded RFID - iDTRONIC

Our UHF Stick RFID reader R830 is a small, handy and simple embedded RFID read and write device.

The USB 2.0 interface guarantees high-speed data transfer. Of course the R830 supports ISO 18000-6C ID tags...

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RFID Chip Reader/Scanner, Technology Uses - iDTRONIC

RFID Chip Reader/Scanner, Technology Uses

Welcome to iDTRONIC Professional RFID - your specialist for RFID readers/scanners and writers, chips, antennas, handheld computers,...

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Desktop Reader NEO RFID Lesegeraet -

RFID Desktop Reader NEO is an economical plug and play RFID reader with integrated keyboard emulation (KEMU).

It enables the usage of RFID for a wide variety of applications in...

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Today's highly automated environments require reliable tracking of all kind of products and people throughout various applications. Therefore RFID technology not only increases the efficiency to collect data, it becomes the key for running entire solutions.

Together with our technology partners, iDTRONIC provides a value adding product portfolio of industrial...

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Shelf Antenna RFID Antenna - iDTRONIC

From retail to industrial and workshop product tracking, the ultra-thin UHF Shelf RFID antenna A7030C was specially designed for use in shelving and cabinet applications. Available for ETSI as well as FCC regions, this cicular polarised UHF antenna offers a...

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