Unique Micro Design - SL500F-USB HF RFID Reader

The SL500F-USB is a High Frequency (HF) RFID desktop proximity reader/writer based on the NXP RFID technology which supports a combination of ISO14443A/B and...

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Date: 2017-02-21 12:17:11
Website: http://www.umd.com.au

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Smart Card Reader,UHF RFID Reader,HF RFID ... - Syncotek

Video show displayed the world's leading hardware solution issuer SYNCOTEK Designing, researching and manufacturing card readers & RFID card readers. Products cover USB smart card reader writers, magnetic card readers, and HF & UHF RFID readers.

2016/05/31 Tags:

smart card reader for health card integrated...

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Date: 2017-08-18 16:11:58
Website: http://www.syncotek.com

RFID 13.56MHz MIFARE® Reader and Writer Module (USB with Case)

RFID 13.56MHz MIFARE® Reader and Writer Module (USB with Case)

: EFDV108

: Stronglink

: SL500L-USB Reader

RFID High Frequency (HF) RFID 3-30 Mhz RFID HF 13.56 Mhz Security Protocol  MIFARE®...

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Website: http://www.thaieasyelec.com

USB HF RFID Reader Writer - GAO RFID Asset Tracking

Product  ::  Healthcare Asset Tracking Readers  ::  USB Enabled HF RFID Reader/Writer

Product 6/14

Overview - USB Enabled HF RFID Reader/Writer (10223015)

This small yet, full featured mouse-sized RFID reader/writer is designed for the desk-top and is available for both UHF and HF RFID frequencies. (See USB Enabled UHF RFID Reader/Writer model 10216008 for the ultra high frequency version).

Common uses for the USB RFID reader are verification and programming of RFID tags and labels, personnel...

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Website: http://gaorfidassettracking.com

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MIFARE (ISO14443A) : RFID 13.56MHz Mifare Reader and ...

RFID 13.56MHz Mifare Reader and Writer Module (USB with Case)


RFID 13.56MHz Mifare ISO14443A (Reader/Writer) USB (Virtual Com Port) Casing Software SDK

Related Products

Model : SL500L-USB Reader

RFID High Frequency (HF) RFID 3-30 Mhz RFID HF 13.56 Mhz ...

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Website: http://www.thaieasyelec.com

USB RFID Readers | GAO RFID Inc.

Home �/� RFID Readers by Feature �/�USB RFID Readers

USB RFID Readers

Our collection of USB RFID Readers provides an efficient way to read/write RFID tags in any application. Available in a wide range of frequencies including Low Frequency (LF), High Frequency (HF), Ultra-high Frequency (UHF), and Active 2.45 GHz/433 MHz, USB RFID readers are controlled and powered by your desktop or...

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Website: https://uae.gaorfid.com

RFID Card Reader Portable Smart Card Reader India | Doovi

Portable Handheald RFID Cards Reader for RFID Cards, Smart Cards India.

This battery operated compact Reader can Read RFID Cards like 1k, 4K mifare, Ntag, NFC Cards. The read data can be sent directly to web or Cloud with GPRS.


2. Reads Contactless cards for 0 to 10Cms

3. USB connection- Transfer Data to PC

4. LCD Display

5. GPRS facility through Simcard

Ideal for Student Attendance...

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Website: https://www.doovi.com

Rugged 2.4-GHz Active RFID Reader For Industrial Applications

This 2.4-GHz active RFID reader combines an impressive long range with a rugged design suitable for harsh industrial applications and survival in application temperatures up to 70 Celsius degree.

For industrial applications, this rugged 2.4-GHz active RFID reader is optional with various layer communications interfaces. To download tag data to a host computer, this 2.4-GHz RFID reader uses RS232,...

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Website: https://www.datacollectiononline.com

HF RFID Reader USB Module - deciphe it


Technical Description of the USB HF Reader Module

The URM (Universal HF Reader Module) is an ISO 14444A and ISO 14443B compatible proximity RFID read/write device operating at 13.56 MHz.

The HF RFID Reader is able to inspect, test, and personalize all compatible transponders as they are e.g. used in the public transport or e-Government sector and moreover it is fully compatible with the...

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Website: http://www.deciphe-it.com

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Quality Mifare Smart Card & Rfid Card Reader Manufacturer

Global Wholesale Packaging Manufacturer & Distributor

Coin Card Dual Screen Ticketing Kiosk Bill Payment Kiosk Services Customized

Ticket Printing Point of Sale Card Reader Wireless Intelligent Electronic

chip sle4442/4428, AT24C64/32/16/08/04/02, contact smart card

NTAG216 NFC Paper Card , NFC RFID SMART card,NFC RFID card and RFID paper card

windows mobile / CE rugged handheld RFID reader...

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Website: http://www.rfid-smartcard.com

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13.56Mhz USB RFID Reader/Writer Kit - emartee.com

13.56Mhz HF USB RFID Reader/Writer Kit


1 Overview

This ER301+eReader RFID module is a PC-linked contactless smart card reader/writer module developed based on the 13.56 MHz Contactless (RFID) Technology. It supports Mifare and ISO 14443A cards.

This ER301+eReader RFID module use USB port to act as a virtual COM port. The proximity operating distance of YHY523U is up to 10 cm, depending on the type of contactless tag in use.

This ER301+eReader RFID module is ideal for secure personal...

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Website: emartee.com

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13.56 MHz Passive RFID Readers - uae.gaorfid.com

High Frequency 13.56 MHz Passive RFID Readers

High Frequency 13.56 MHz Passive RFID Readers

GAO RFID's High frequency (HF)13.56 MHz readers can read tags within a distance of 1 to 12 inches and include the use of the NFC protocol. Compatible with most MIFARE[TM] tags, we offer HF 13.56 MHz readers in many form factors such as fixed readers or handheld devices that are perfect for your desktop...

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Website: https://uae.gaorfid.com

LF 125 kHz | TECTUS Professional RFID Sytem Components and ...

ATEX Zone 1 / IECEx Zone 1 certified Stainless Steel LF 125 kHz Antenna TPA-530-FLE-ES


 the ATEX Zone 1 / IECEx Zone 1 certified Stainless Steel LF 125 kHz Antenna TPA-530-FLE-ES is used by system integrators and users to identify ATEX Zone 1 and IECX Zone 1 certified LF RFID transponders together with the stationary ATEX Zone 1 reader TPF-35-EX-45 in hazardous areas.

Industrial Mobile...

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Date: 2017-03-04 01:47:41
Website: http://www.tec-tus.de

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RFID BlueBerry HS HF by TERTIUM Technology

BlueBerry HS HF is an RFID key fob reader capable of reading an HF RFID tag and transmit it via Bluetooth to any device equipped with that interface. With the push of a single button, this easy-to-use device allows the reading and transmission of RFID tag data to a mobile device.

The device has a reading distance of 6 cm (depending on the used tag).

BlueBerry supports both SPP and HID Bluetooth...

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Website: http://www.tertiumtechnology.com

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RFID System Hardware, Supplies, & Equipment - Buy Online ...

RFID System Hardware, Supplies, & Equipment

RFID System Hardware, Supplies, & Equipment

At Barcode Planet, we have trained Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) specialists on staff, ready to help develop the right RFID solution for your business. We have a wide selection of RFID readers , handheld , USB , and fixed ; RFID printers , desktop and industrial ; RFID tags , labels , inlays , and...

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Website: http://www.barcodeplanet.com

Mobile RFID Reader | TECTUS Professional RFID Sytem ...

MultiPen - 3 in 1 RFID Reader

The MultiPen is an innovative �Mobile RFID/NFC Reader, with capability of� reading UIDs of passive RFID TAGs with various� frequency combinations.�The MultiPen allows to transfer UID reads via Bluetooth to the host-computer (Tablet, Laptop or Smartphone). It is also possible to store the UIDs in the integrated data base of the MultiPen. After connecting via...

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Date: 2018-01-12 06:45:56
Website: http://www.tec-tus.de

Intelletto Technologies Inc.- Intelligent RFID Products


Intelletto introduces ChieKoo Bell, a Bluetooth Low Energy alerting system.

Intelletto broadens product offering for HF and NFC RFID inlays and tags. By launching a full range of RFID Label products and Services. Intelletto can now offer complete end to end RFID labelling services. These services include, encoding and serialization, High Quality color printing for RFID Labels and NFC...

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Website: http://www.intelletto.com

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RFID Readers | TECTUS Professional RFID Sytem Components ...


RFID Readers

Stationary and Portable RFID readers are available as Industrial- and also as EX certified versions. Desktop- Readers- and Programmers are suitable for safe industrial area. For integration of RFID in own hardware OEM Reader modules and OEM Reader boards are available.

The standard frequency ranges

LF 125 kHz / 134 kHz,

HF /NFC 13,56 MHz and

UHF 860 - 960 MHz


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Date: 2018-01-12 12:07:44
Website: http://www.tec-tus.de

Alien Higgs 3 - TECTUS Professionelle RFID Sytem ...

Industrial Mobile RFID MultiPen reader LF, HF, NFC, UHF

The MultiPen is an innovative  Mobile RFID/NFC Reader, with capability of  reading UIDs of passive RFID TAGs with various  frequency combinations. The MultiPen allows to transfer UID reads via Bluetooth to the host-computer (Tablet, Laptop or Smartphone). It is also possible to store the UIDs in the integrated data base of the MultiPen....

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Date: 2017-12-10 02:07:49
Website: http://www.tec-tus.de

RFID Supply | FREE Shipping! Readers Tag Scanners Buy Canada

RFID Supply is your local Canadian online shop for RFID (radio frequency identification) technology solutions. RFID tags, fobs or cards are similar to barcodes or magnetic strips found on credit cards. Readers, also known as transmitters, scanners or antennas use radio-frequency to access the stored information such as ID numbers or inventory codes. Active RFID tags will have a battery and...

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Date: 2017-11-07 17:31:08
Website: http://rfidsupply.ca

Handheld RFID Reader in Bangalore - Manufacturers and ...

389, Blue Moon Building, Terrace Floor, 9th Main, Sector-7, Karnataka - 560102, India


Rfid Readers

With a software adjustable read distance up to 3 feet (0.91 m), the USB Plus+ supports a variety of applications, including RFID tag commissioning, manufacturing WIP, document tracking, library book check inout, retail point of sale, event and hospitality services, hospital patient workflows, and more. UHF, EPCglobal Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C) compliant Anti-Collision & Dense reader mode (DRM) Internal linear polarized...

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Date: 2018-01-03 08:04:31
Website: exportersindia.com


RFID Reader Benefits

Rethink Mobile RFID

The ultramobility of IDBLUE's handheld stylus readers allow the user to utilize RFID in applications never thought possible.

Take RFID to the point of work ??? whether it???s at the patients bedside, on the retail floor, or in-field for maintenance and repair work. IDBLUE readers are the perfect, economical choice for when it???s more practical to bring...

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Website: http://idblue.com

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FEIG - OBID i scan - Proximity UHF Readers - Fast RFID

UHF Antennas optimized to be used in Europe

ID ISC.ANT.U170/170-EU - ID ISC.ANT.U270/270-EU - ID ISC.ANT.U600/270-EU

Circular polarized antennas with a new design for UHF operating frequencies between 865-870 MHz

Dimensions: 170x170x25mm / 270x270x57mm / 590x270x57mm (WxHxD)

Compatible readers for the new UHF antennas:

ID ISC.LRU3000-A-EU UHF Long Range Reader

ID ISC.LRU3500-A-EU UHF Long Range...

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Date: 2016-03-01 01:38:18
Website: http://www.fastrfid.com

YouTube - Elatec RFID Systems: Multi-technology RFID smart ...

TWN3 RFID Reader/Writer

Elatec's TWN3 RFID readers are designed to read at either LF (125 kHz / 134.2 kHz) or HF (13.56 MHz) and can accommodate nearly all transponder types. This video demonstrates how to install the driver and also change the configuration of your TWN3.

TCP Converter...

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Website: https://www.elatec-rfid.com

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RFID NFC Reader - µFR Classic - Digital Logic

uFR Classic is a first model in Digital Logic's uFR Series of NFC RFID readers writers. It is NFC Forum & RFID compatible contactless reader/writer which successfully implements ISO14443 A & B and ISO18092 standards on HF working frequency of 13.56 MHz.

This RFID device is genuine Digital Logic product, 100% designed, produced and programmed at company premises located in Serbia, Europe.


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Website: https://www.d-logic.net

RFID Multi-ISO Desktop Reader, USB - IdentiveUSA.com

Backordered until end of June 2017


Add to Cart

This item is backordered.

The Identiv RFID Multi-ISO Desktop Reader, USB offers a cost-efficient desktop solution for the high frequency (13.56 MHz) standards ISO14443 and ISO15693 in a single device with compact dimensions and a bi-colour status LED.


The innovative Identiv Multi-ISO High Frequency Reader supports all major HF...

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Website: http://www.identiveusa.com

RFID Industrial readers - Areff

RFID Industrial readers

Industrial RFID readers

Professional RFID controllers, readers, antennas and solutions for industrial applications. All components are specifically designed for demanding applications in industrial environments (dirty environments, metal and big quantities of fast reads).

Cylindric reader

The Cylindric Reader M30 is a RFID reader/writer with a built-in antenna that can...

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Website: areff.se

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⭐Zebra. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Programming ...

Zebra Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Programming Guide 58978L-008

2 2008 ZIH Corp. The copyrights in this manual and the software and/or firmware in the printer described therein are owned by ZIH Corp. Unauthorized reproduction of this manual or the software and/or firmware in the printer may result in imprisonment of up to one year and fines of up to $10,000 (17 U.S.C.506). Copyright...

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Website: http://docplayer.net

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OEM & Desktop RFID reader/writer for LF, HF, NFC ... - Elatec

TWN4 MultiTech 2 BLE

OEM & Desktop RFID reader/writer for LF, HF, NFC & BLE

The TWN4 MultiTech 2 BLE reader is an all-in-one proximity reader for the following frequencies: 125 kHz, 134.2 kHz, 13.56 MHz , NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy . It can be connected through UART (TTL, RS232), USB, as well as Ethernet, and is available as a PCB and with Desktop housing.

TWN4 MultiTech 2 BLE is also compatible with over 60 of the most...

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Website: https://www.elatec.com

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DLP-RFID2 HF (13.56MHz) RFID Reader Products

November 2012:  DLP Design, Inc. is pleased to announce the new DLP-RFID2 and DLP-RFID2D HF RFID readers.

The DLP-RFID2 and DLP-RFID2D are low-cost, compact RFID products for reading from and writing to HF RFID transponder tags via an internal or external antenna. They have the ability to both read and write data in addition to reading the unique...

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Website: http://www.dlpdesign.com

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The Stick - USB Stick Reader - HF RFID | InfoChip

Product Data Sheets

The InfoChip Solution

The InfoChip solution enables manufacturers, distributors and end-users to work together to efficiently manage the certification, tracking and inspection of industrial assets from cradle...

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Website: infochip.com

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Capacitive Stylus Tip allowing you to seamlessly interact with a variety of handheld mobile devices.

Ergonomic Design including a lanyard loop allowing for ultimate portability and convenience.

Intuitive User Interface with a simple 'press and release' of a single button to switch on, connect, and read RFID tags.

Multi-color Status LEDs provides feedback on battery level, communication status, and RFID related events including successful tag reads.

Onboard Data Storage allowing you to record information and one thousand tag id's without...

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Website: http://idblue.com

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Temperature Recorders | Temp Data Logger, Cold Chain ...

Dry ice shipments present a unique set of challenges especially when maintaining temperature control is a critical factor. The TrekView for Dry Ice delivers a solution ... view more



Are the TrekView recorders programmable?

Yes. The TrekView can be sent to a customer with a pre-programmed configuration or sent to a customer ready for configuring by the customer.


How do I know if...

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Website: http://shockwatch.com

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RFID/SmartCard Reader/Writer - elatec-rfid.com

TWN4 MultiTech SmartCard LEGIC 42

The TWN4 MultiTech SmartCard Reader/Writer includes both a contactless RFID interface as well as a slot to read contact cards. This exciting combination allows its users to add an additional higher level of security...

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Website: https://www.elatec-rfid.com

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OEM BlueRFID HF by TERTIUM Technology

Products directory

BlueRFID HF�electronic boards are RFID readers capable of reading/writing the main RFID tag global standards. Easy installation and the inclusion of a practical and user friendly interface, with 3 coloured LEDs and a multitone beeper, are the particular characteristics of this category of products.

Thanks to its interface versatility with desktop PCs or embedded PCs using USBs, or with embedded systems using TTL serial converters, BlueRFID HF�cards are an excellent solution...

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Website: http://www.tertiumtechnology.com

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SkyeModule™ Gemini | JADAK

SkyeModule[TM] Gemini (HF)

SkyeModule[TM] Gemini (HF)

The�SkyeModule[TM] Gemini�marks the next generation of SkyeTek HF reader modules. The Gemini is a low-cost, and ultra-low power, MIFARE and NFC reader/writer module. A cutting edge ARM Cortex microcontroller and latest HF transceiver technology coupled with the reader's intelligent operating system make this module the most versatile HF RFID module at the bottom tier price point. Manufactured in accordance with ISO...

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Website: jadaktech.com

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How to program RFID reader to post data via HTTP

I am looking at building a system for use at an exhibition where all guests will check in at each stand with an RFID wrist band. I want to post the data to a webserver database.

I have come across this reasonable priced reader: �

iDTRONIC USB Desktop Reader EVO - HF Multitag

I need a kick in the right direction when using SDKs/DLLs etcs as I get a bit lossed.

Can someone help my starting me in...

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Website: https://www.experts-exchange.com

microsensys GmbH - RFID in motion | Treiber / Bibliotheken

Our RFID drivers and libraries are the basic instruments for communication with microsensys RFID hardware.


iID driver engine for Microsoft Windows  

o native RFID base driver supporting different hardware interfaces

o customer API and base driver for different microsensys software

o available for Windows (x86/x64), Windows CE, Windows Embedded Handheld


iID driver engine for Android  


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Website: http://www.microsensys.de

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RFID reader for iPhone LetsGo Mobile

mail it!

iPhone�NFC phone

The iCarte is ideal for Apple iPhone users who want to use their iPhone for fast and secure contactless payments, transit payments, loyalty rewards, checking balances, top-up pre-paid credit, discovering new services from smart posters or kiosks and exchanging information with other NFC phones.

iCarte RFID reader for iPhone

In addition to NFC and peer to peer communication capabilities, the iCarte supports multiple RFID protocol read and write functions. RFID tag information can be read and written by the iCarte and communicated in real-time to...

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Website: http://www.letsgomobile.org

Acr122u Hf 13.56mhz Cheap Rfid Credit Card Reader - Buy ...

Windows ,Linux ,Android,Mac OS etc

Packaging & Delivery

rfid Smart Card Reader & Writer be packaged into box .1pcs per box.

Delivery Time


Product Description

The ACR122U NFC Reader is a �non-contact smart card reader based on 13.56 MHz non-contact (RFID) technology. It complies with the ISO / IEC18092 Near Field Communication (NFC) standard, supports Mifare cards, ISO 14443 Class A and Class B cards, and all four NFC tags.

Due to meet CCID and PC /...

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Website: alibaba.com

Comparison of NFC & Barcode to RFID Inventory Tracking ...

This is a second part of Comparison of RFID, NFC and Barcode for Inventory Tracking. You can review the first part related to RFID here .

NFC Technology (Near Field Communication)

NFC Technology lays under the umbrella of RFID technology. While the RFID technology that we discussed above for inventory tracking uses the UHF frequency (860 - 960 MHz), the NFC utilizes HF (13.56 MHz) and specific...

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Website: http://rfid4u.com

UNITECH - Products


The Unitech EA600 (Android) is a rugged 5" mobile enterprise computer combining strong features with powerful data collection. The EA600 provides convenient connectivity, reading capabilities and enhances the service level for a variety of vertical applications within the retail, transport, logistics and field service sectors.

Competitive all-in-one package.

The EA600...

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Website: http://eu.ute.com

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