Overcoming RFID Limitations - AIDC 100

By Chris Kapsambelis


Several supply chains are moving to the use of RFID (radio frequency identification) in logistics applications. RFID has many desirable capabilities but based on extensive testing and dealing with the laws of physics, there are real and practical...

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Date: 2010-10-25 13:30:00
Website: http://www.aidc100.org

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Three types of RFID tags: passive, active, and semi-passive (also known as battery-assisted passive, or BAP) are differentiated by how they communicate and how that communication is initiated. Although, they all use radio frequency energy to communicate between a tag and a reader, the method of powering the tags is different. An active RFID tag uses an internal power source...

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Date: 2017-03-04 00:35:45
Website: http://airista.com

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Asset Tracking Solutions | Guard RFID

Real visibility when it comes to your people and assets

Real flexibility. Real interoperability. Real performance.

If you're like most organizations, you're constantly looking to reduce expenses, protect your staff, meet regulatory compliance, and maximize your utilization of assets and personnel, all while offering the best possible services to your customers.

The right asset tracking system can help achieve all of that through the power of enterprise-wide, real-time visibility of your people and assets both inside and...

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RFID - Radio Frequency Identification - lifewire.com

2.45 GHz

The reach of an RFID reader varies depending on the radio frequency in use and also physical obstructions between it and the chips being read, from a few inches (cm) up to hundreds of feet (m).

Higher frequency signals generally reach shorter distances.

So-called active RFID chips include a battery while passive RFID chips do not. Batteries help the RFID tag scan over longer distances but also significantly increase its cost. Most tags work in the passive mode where chips absorb the radio signals incoming from the reader and turn...

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RFID Services and Solutions by Telecube - Islamabad Pakistan

RFID tags are further broken down into two categories;

Active RFID Tags

Passive RFID Tags

Active RFID Tags:

They are battery powered. They broadcast a signal to the reader and can transmit over the greatest distances (100+ meters). Typically they can cost £5 - £20 or more and are used to track high value goods like vehicles and large containers of goods. Shipboard containers are a...

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Date: 2011-11-01 13:04:16
Website: http://www.rfid.com.pk

(PDF) RFID applications in manufacturing - ResearchGate

RFID applications in manufacturing are centered on the fully automatic identification of objects that may not

be in the line of sight of the readers. They improve shopfloor inventory tracking and automate warehouse operations,

including shipping / receiving. Over the past few years, documented examples include the following:

o Toyota (South Africa). Carrier tagged to streamline manufacturing and...

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Date: 2018-04-09 09:16:32
Website: https://www.researchgate.net

Design of Aquatic Product Traceability System Based on ...

Design of Aquatic Product Traceability System Based on Anti-Collision RFID Techniques


Article Preview

The traceability management system of aquatic product is based on RFID techniques which could obtain the function of aquatic products statistics and water quality monitoring automatically. The system frame, hardware and software design of micro-controller and anti-collision algorithm...

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Website: scientific.net

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What is the read range of an RFID tag? - SageData Solutions

- Number of tags being read

- Density of tags

Given all of the above, the only general comment that we can make is that read range can be anywhere from half an inch to a hundred meters. For more information, please read on... We address each of these issues in the following sections. Note that we have given general information assuming a typical working environment. The numbers we quote...

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Date: 2016-12-07 04:16:23
Website: http://www.sagedata.com

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RFID Technology Protects Businesses Against Theft | Point ...

RFID Technology Protects Businesses Against Theft

October 10, 2012


Preventing employee theft, especially of electronic equipment and sensitive files, is an ongoing issue for most companies. Management is increasingly choosing RFID�(Radio Frequency Identification) as a solution to this perennial problem. The retail arena, as well, is incorporating this technology as a more robust solution...

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Date: 2018-01-12 09:17:05
Website: https://pointofsale.com

RFID Reader - Active Performance, Passive Economics - Mojix

Imagine what could be done with an RFID reader that:

Provided 100,000 times the receiver sensitivity of today's UHF passive solutions -- an unprecedented 50 dB.

Enabled genuine wide area coverage -- up to 250,000 sq. feet with a single system -- with no line-of-sight restrictions.

Delivered optimal performance despite natural interference, and, was one system that powers not only tag reads, but...

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Website: mojix.com

SMTRACK Malaysia

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Secure Trade (RFID)

Secure Trade Secured Trade Service which was commercialized since 1st September 2012 is one of the Economic Transformation Program (ETP) initiatives by the Malaysian government to turn Malaysia to a developed and high-income economy nation by the year 2020. Secure Trade is a long range RFID secure solution design to perform automatic reading and detecting...

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Website: http://www.smtrack.my

RFID Solution Provider companies in India

RFID Solution Provider companies in India

RFID Solution Provider companies India

As the world has moved on, India can never choose to lag behind. In fact, the world has always seen India as one of the biggest potential markets. Modern Indian companies have followed the footsteps of the global conglomerates which have eventually geared up the new economical revolution in India.

RFID solution is...

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Website: http://www.rfidforbusiness.com

RFID reader | Active RFID

About Us

SMART CAMPUS Student Tracking System

SMART CAMPUS is an initiative by REINDEER TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD towards increasing the safety and security of students inside the buses and in schools/colleges. This has been prompted by the frequent risks faced by the students due to increased crime rate,accidents and natural calamities.

How it Works

The system provides each student with an...

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Date: 2016-07-26 06:58:39
Website: http://reindeer-tech.com

RFID in Health Care - rfidjournalevents.com

Hospitals worldwide are achieving real benefits from employing RFID technology to:

• Improve patient monitoring and safety

• Increase asset utilization with real-time tracking

• Enhance supply chain efficiencies

• Boost revenue with automated billing

• Manage inventory more efficiently

• Reduce medical errors using track-and-match applications

This one-day preconference seminar will...

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Cattle Identification - Ontario

Within-Herd Methods for ID

Ear Tags

Ear tags are most commonly used for within-herd animal identification. Tags can be metal or plastic.

Metal Tags

Metal tags are self-piercing aluminum or steel ear tags that are inexpensive and easy to apply. Tags come in various colours and have a high retention rate. However, the numbers on the tags...

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Date: 2017-07-04 18:50:41
Website: http://www.omafra.gov.on.ca

RFID Interfacing with 8051 Microcontroller (AT89C51) using ...

Developed By:�

Himanshu Choudhary

This topic covers the interfacing of RFID system with microcontroller through serial interrupt. An RFID system consists of a reader device and a transponder. A transponder or tag has a unique serial number which is identified by the reader. RFID tag is applied to products, individuals or animals to identify and track them through this number.


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Website: https://www.engineersgarage.com

PDC and GUARDIAN RFID® to Exhibit New Clincher® Extra Wide ...

PDC and GUARDIAN RFID® to Exhibit New Clincher® Extra Wide Inmate ID Wristbands at the 2014 American Jail Association Conference and Expo

Wed, Apr 16, 2014 09:00 CET

Detainee RFID Wristbands Help Jails Save Money, Time, and Resources by Working Faster and Increasing Productivity  

PDC , the global leader of innovative identification solutions, in partnership with GUARDIAN RFID® , the global...

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Date: 2018-01-12 08:16:12
Website: http://news.cision.com

Transfusion Medicine RFID

The Transfusion Medicine RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Consortium is actively engaged in the first-ever comprehensive investigation to research, develop and introduce innovative application of RFID for automatic identification, tracking and status-monitoring of blood and blood products across all entities in the supply chain - from the point of collection, through blood product...

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Date: 2017-03-04 00:49:45
Website: http://transfusionmedicinerfid.org

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On the Floor: Where’s my Pallet?

Rehrig Pacific GMA Pallet with RFID.

Photo credit: Image courtesy of Rehrig Pacific.

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It sounds like something out of a hard-boiled, urban crime novel. A Baltimore private eye was hired to track down a rash of plastic pallet thefts, including some belonging to PepsiCo as well as a dairy and a bakery. His investigation led to a recycling center in the Washington DC suburb of...

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Website: http://www.sdcexec.com

RFID-Guard Tour System - Security Alarm India


A guard tour patrol system is a system for logging the rounds of employees in a variety of situations such as security guards patrolling property, technicians monitoring climate-controlled environments, and correctional officers checking prisoner living areas. It helps ensure that the employee makes his or her appointed rounds at the correct intervals and can offer a record...

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Website: atss.in

Smart RFiD Ireland - integrated RFID tags software solutions

Watch the video

Smart RFID integrated solutions

SMART RFiD is part of ADA Security Systems which was established in 1991 and since then we have become one of the leading security companies in Ireland.

For most of the past 24 years we have been at the forefront in introducing new technology and solutions to our customers and the marketplace in general and following key partnerships with some of...

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Date: 2018-01-12 03:21:42
Website: http://smartrfid.ie

American RFID Solutions

American RFID Solutions (ARS) is the leader in passive RFID RTLS solutions. Passive RFID is much less expensive than Active RFID, WiFi, Zigbee and other technologies and it allows our clients to get the visibility they need at a fraction of the price. Our industry leading TrackStar software allows tag location data to be superimposed on a 3D representation of your facility, providing you with a...

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Website: http://americanrfidsolutions.net

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American RFID Solutions

American RFID Solutions (ARS) is the leader in passive RFID RTLS solutions. Passive RFID is much less expensive than Active RFID, WiFi, Zigbee and other technologies and it allows our clients to get the visibility they need at a fraction of the price. Our industry leading TrackStar software allows tag location data to be superimposed on a 3D representation of your facility, providing you with a...

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Website: http://www.americanrfidsolutions.net

what is a proximity warning system and how can zonesafe help?

A Proximity Warning System is generally the term used for a system that warns industrial vehicles that they are in close proximity to a pedestrian worker. Most systems can be fitted to forklifts, reach stackers, gantry cranes, you name it - if these vehicles work near pedestrians, they need a warning system.

When accidents occur with a vehicle, pedestrians are the most at risk. Accidental...

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Website: https://www.zonesafe.net

The Difference Between Asset Tracking and Inventory Tracking

Customers looking for barcode tracking software often use the terms asset tracking and inventory tracking interchangeably. And while there are similarities between the two, they actually refer to very different things.

Both asset tracking and inventory tracking software can leverage barcode and RFID technology to speed up error-prone manual processes. And both are used to determine where things...

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Website: http://www.redbeam.com

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RFID - kbarcode.com


: HMS125 TAG

: HMS125 (13.56MHz Passive Read/Write Tag) , 736Byte , IP68 / / . HMS125 : -20 ~ 85 : -40 ~ 85 HMS125HT : -40 ~ 135 : -40 ~ 240

: HMS150 TAG

: HMS150 (13.56MHz Passive Read/Write Tag) (736Byte), Size , , IP68 / / . HMS125 : -20 ~...

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Website: http://www.kbarcode.com

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Tracking Technology Using RFID in Supply Chain Management

RFID technology has recently become one of the revolutionary element in supply chain management. Companies these days want to reduce the costs of their Supply Chain without affecting the service. Here automation and smart techniques play an important role, thus leading to these organizations using RFID solutions in transforming their global supply chain. RFID has proven to increase end-to end...

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Date: 2018-01-12 08:49:17
Website: mbaskool.com

What Is an RFID Printer? | eHow

Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images

Radio-frequency identification tags store and wirelessly transfer data. Often used as an alternative to traditional barcodes, RFID tags provide data storage and communication in various contexts, including retail and industry. RFID printers produce RFID tags. An RFID tag can communicate stored data using either an electromagnetic field or radio waves. Many...

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Tags - Unique RFID

The TGAHZ Activ Asset Tag is an active tag that continuously transmits a unique ID number, which can be detected by Wavetrend® reader. An internal battery powers the tag and Wavetrend's patented ultra low power use design ensures longer battery life at higher rates of transmission than any other brand of active RFID tag. Various preset transmission intervals are available. The TGAHZ tag is...

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Date: 2017-12-06 20:48:34
Website: http://www.u-rfid.com

DILS vs WiFi | Purelink Canada Inc.


Why WiFi RTLS systems are expensive and imprecise

In recent years, RFID systems have developed rapidly. Advances in digital electronics and RF led to making the systems smaller and less expensive because of the increased integration capacity of chips. Performance and ability to overcome the wired architectures have been the main driving forces behind this...

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Website: http://www.purelink.ca

RFID Transponder Coils (TR4308I) - Token Components

Note: Test Freq.: 125KHz / 0.25V.

Operating Temp.: -40°C+85°C.

RFID, Radio Frequency Identification System and Applications

Figure 1. RFID System

RFID, Radio Frequency Identification, is the system of using radio signals to send information identifying a particular item. The most common application of RFID is to track and locate any subject including material, or moving item.

The RFID coil is...

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Date: 2017-07-21 09:30:09
Website: http://www.token.com.tw

RFID for Schools Solution with TIPWeb-RFID - Hayes Software

Apply RFID tags to your assets

Record your asset record details in TIPWeb-IT

Perform inventory audits with our MC3190-Z RFID reader programmed with TIPWeb-IT with RFID software

Reconcile inventory location exceptions in TIPWeb-IT�

RFID Benefits

The primary benefit of RFID tags for physical inventory audits is the fact that multiple RFID tags can be read simultaneously and automatically. Tags...

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Website: http://www.hayessoft.com

Parking Access and Revenue Control

Access and revenue control

An Access Control System (ACS) manages�the access in and out of a parking facility; the parker must present a valid parking credential. Revenue control involves transient and non-transient parker management and includes payment at the time of parking. Typically it refers to the servers, terminals and kiosks used for payment and gate control in a garage.



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Website: http://www.parking-net.com

Tips for PC Security: RFID Laptop Tags - Bright Hub

Improving PC Security: RFID Laptop Tags

written by: Christian Cawley oedited by: Aaron R.oupdated: 12/18/2010

Could RFID tags solve your laptop and PC security needs?

slide 1 of 4

What Are RFID Tags?

RFID tags have become more and more popular over recent years as a means of tagging and tracking items for shipping, individual items in stores and even pets and livestock.

Standing for...

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Website: http://www.brighthub.com

RFID Solutions | DNeX

Aimed at becoming a specialised supplier and expert in the field, we have formulated a diverse range of RFID solutions - with the intention to be the go-to professionals, when it comes to commercial and residential sectors, as well as business and heavy industrial sectors.

Unlike many RFID suppliers in the market, we take it upon ourselves to engineer end-to-end solutions for our clients; each...

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Website: http://www.dnex.com.my

RFID in Retail |authorSTREAM

Presentation Transcript

Name of Innovation: RFID in retail:

Name of Innovation: RFID in retail Team/ Individual Name: Ryan Pinto Members of the Team: Self Name of College and City: St Francis Institute of Technology ,Mumbai Course of specialization: Information Technology Year/ Batch: 4 th Year College ID:101087 Name of the Professor/ Placement officer involved in this project:none

Choose the...

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Website: http://www.authorstream.com

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Asset tracking - Wikipedia

'Passive' RFID tags broadcast their location but have limited transmission range (typically a few meters). Longer-range "smart tags" use 'active' RFID -where a radio transmitter is powered by a battery and can transmit up to 2000 meters (6,600 feet) in optimum conditions. RFID-based Asset Tracking requires an infrastructure to be put in place before the whereabouts of tags may be ascertained. An...

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Date: 2017-02-11 13:09:51
Website: https://en.wikipedia.org

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Rfid in AZ | Hotfrog US

Helix[TM] Active RFID Reader, the most advanced multi-functional RFID solution available

Rfid HardwareRfid TagsRfid ReadersRfid Technology

Surprise, AZ

(520) 777 0712

Party Track software manages sales processing and inventory control for Tent Rental, Linen Rental, and Party Rental companies. Party Track enhances inventory control with integration RFID features. Accounting features in...


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Website: https://www.hotfrog.com

RIFIDI Edge Server | Transcends

Low cost and lower TCO

Easy to install, Easy to use

Accelerates RFID application development and integration

Scalable, high-performance platform

JDK 1.7 or greater (32 bit)

Ubuntu Linux or Windows

512 MB RAM, 200 MB disk space

Lightweight, high performance platform based on OSGi and Java

Standards-based Reader Plug-ins and API

RFID customization of high performance CEP/ESP Engine (Esper is a...

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Website: http://transcends.co

how does rfid work and can you use it to measure distance

how does rfid work and can you use it to measure distance

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Expert:  GemB replied 10 years ago.

Radio frequency Identification or RFID systems are smart versions of the UPC bar codes. They consist of a scanning antenna which put out radio-frequency signals, a transponder or tag attached to the goods to be identified, a transceiver with a decoder to...

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Website: http://www.justanswer.com

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ibTrack Solutions Pvt Ltd

IbTrack Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a Bangalore based company specialising in turnkey RFID systems, with expertise in all aspects of RFID systems development - from concept design to development, delivery, management and services. Our solutions are offered on Passive as well as Active RFID technology platforms. ibTrack...

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Date: 2017-12-26 11:38:20
Website: http://www.ibtrack.net

RFID tag detection method and system - Hewlett-Packard ...

An RFID tag detection method and system are described. The method comprises transmitting, in a predetermined area, a predetermined number of RFID tag request signals. The method also comprises determining that an RFID tag is positioned within the predetermined area based on a comparison of a count of zero or more received RFID tag response signals from the RFID tag with the predetermined number...

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Website: http://www.freepatentsonline.com

Facts About RFID Boom Barrier Devices That You Should Know ...

Many gated communities have installed Radio frequency Identification (RFID) based boom barriers, in an attempt to manage the vehicle movement in their society. However, there are certain aspects of this solution that every community must know before installing an RFID based boom barrier.

RFID is a small chip (about 2,000 bytes of data) and an antenna that is placed together on an electronic...

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Website: https://blog.mygate.in

Real time guard tour system, Lone worker monitoring and ...

Man Down Alert Systems

Guard Tour Control Systems

We have been manufacturing watchman clocks and guard control systems for almost 60 years. Datix patrol control systems by SAVV are professional and reliable. Datix Wi-Trak Pro is our new real time guard tour system with Dual or Quad band GSM/GPRS, RFID tag reading, GPS tracking and built-in lone worker monitoring alert system (panic...

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Website: http://www.savv.it

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Tackling Tech: NFL Teams Embrace Zebra to Elevate ...

Fri., Jan. 12, 2018 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM EST

Listen to the 'best of the week' from Patriots.com radio.


The opinions, analysis and/or speculation expressed on Patriots.com represent those of individual authors, and unless quoted or clearly labeled as such, do not represent the opinions or policies of the New England Patriots organization, front office staff, coaches and executives....

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Date: 2018-01-12 09:32:35
Website: http://www.patriots.com

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Real time guard tour system, Lone worker monitoring and ...

Man Down Alert Systems

Guard Tour Control Systems

We have been manufacturing watchman clocks and guard control systems for almost 60 years. Datix patrol control systems by SAVV are professional and reliable. Datix Wi-Trak Pro is our new real time guard tour system with Dual or Quad band GSM/GPRS, RFID tag reading, GPS tracking and built-in lone worker monitoring alert system (panic...

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Website: http://www.savv.it

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RFID RTLS Passive UHF Tags Inventory: Why Us - 3DTAC

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Passive UHF RFID  RTLS TAC[TM] vs. Traditional RFID RTLS

Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) is a common buzzword in the world of RFID, but it is important to understand that not all RTLS systems are created equal.


Which solution is right for your business?


These days, most businesses need to locate their items in real-time as precisely as possible, no matter how rapidly the items are moving.


The 3DTAC RTLS solution is differentiated by the fact that we can track an unlimited number of tagged items with precision of up to ½ ft. Since our system...

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Website: 3dtac.com

Asset Management Active RFID preventive maintenance

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Even under normal operating conditions, assets can get increasingly stressed from over-use, inefficient maintenance, and aging. �So, in remote areas with�harsh environmental conditions, the picture is even grimmer. �It has become clear in the last few�years, that what has been done in the past will not be sufficient to address the growing and...

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Website: https://aiosystems.com

ID Badge Printers & Makers | Photo ID Badge Systems ...

ID Badge Technology

Access Card Badges

Having an ID or employee badge with proximity or smart card technology allows you to track and secure your facility at key entrances using access control technology.

Barcoded Badges

Some organizations use barcodes on employee badges for a number of different functions. In the corrections market, prison inmate ID cards have barcodes for cashless micro payments and vending. Most of our ID badge printers can print several types of barcodes, including QR, 2-D...

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Website: http://www.identisys.com

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RFID Key Finder, rfid key fob, rfid locator, rfid tracking

RFID Key Finder News-November-16-2013

In daily life, such an interesting phenomenon often occurs: people frequently get a headache for looking for some smaller items, like keys, phone or wallets, etc. And sometimes, people obviously already hold it in hand, but are still seeking everywhere. Especially when they are in a hurry, the feeling that cannot find what they want urgently is always the...

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Date: 2017-10-23 14:10:12
Website: rfid-in-china.com

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