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Innovative proven tracking

Vero RFID (radio frequency identification) is a proven technology that is now used in many different industrial, retail and public sector applications.

RFID systems use small tracking tags, which are attached to each item that needs to be tracked. Each tag contains a uniquely coded microchip and antenna, used to broadcast a signal to a suitable receiving device, which converts the wireless signal to a digital output.


No need for line of sight to tag

Exceptionally accurate read rates by comparison with...

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Website: http://vero.solutions

RFID Canada | Understanding Radio Frequency IDentification ...

RFID Canada is a leading technology provider with 25 plus years' experience in providing solutions including barcode, passive and active RFID (radio frequency identification).

RFID Canada warrants its success in identifying and developing comprehensive solutions in partnership wth some of the most innovative companies, such as software providers, engineering firms, automation companies and system...

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Website: rfidcanada.com

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Family 8203+01 IBM Power Systems Server Model E4A

Family 8203+01 IBM Power Systems Server Model E4A

IBM United States Sales Manual

Revised:��February 28, 2017.

The IBM 8203 Power Systems 520 Express deskside and 4U rack-mount servers (8203-E4A) utilize either a 4.2 GHz or 4.7 GHz POWER6 processor and are available in 1-, 2-, and 4-core configurations.

Model abstract 8203-E4A

The IBM 8203 Power Systems 520 supports single- or dual-core POWER6...

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Website: http://www-01.ibm.com

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UTags-Long Range Ultra Wideband Passive Radio Frequency ...

UTags-Long Range Ultra Wideband Passive Radio Frequency Identification Tags


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology uses radio signals to identify and track objects. The objects being tracked can have active (battery-powered) or passive (unpowered) tags. For high-value assets conventional RFID uses battery-powered tags. These tags have a range of approximately 10 meters depending on the power levels, but have the disadvantage of being bulky in size and requiring periodic battery...

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Website: https://ipo.llnl.gov


The concept of this project is to develop security system for airports with multiple levels of security for allowing any person to enter or exit the airport. The new technology which implementing is by the use of RFID tags. The use of RFID tags can aid the detection and identification of possible threats in diverse range of applications from passenger check-in at airports to detection of intruders. The main aim of this project is to improve...

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Nitgen Hamster DX (HFDU06) Single Fingerprint Scanner ...

Nitgen Fingkey Hamster ( HFDU06) is a fingerprint recognition device that supports various OS and  it has USB interface and is suitable for PC security solutions.

The Nitgen Fingkey Hamster (HFDU06) is a biometric security device which uses a high resolution, maintenance free optical sensor, is compatible with various operating systems and USB interfaces, to provide a seamless PC security...

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Website: http://www.biometricsintegrated.com

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RFID | ASAP Identification | Photo ID Cards Badges ...

Let ASAP Identification help you with RFID options offered by HID Global.

Contactless RFID technology is adding speed, accuracy, efficiency and security to an ever-expanding range of applications. HID Global offers the most diverse and flexible line of tags and transponders, backed with over two decades of RFID

development and manufacturing�expertise. Innovative engineering, patented processes...

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Website: http://www.asapident.com

Press Releases - Turck USA

Turck Announces Smartphone UHF RFID Reader

Minneapolis, MN - November 16, 2016

Turck expands its RFID offering with an economical UHF handheld device. The PD-IDENT handheld provides customers with a lightweight, easy to use smartphone RFID reader system. The handheld device houses a UHF antenna and connects to the user's smartphone via the audio port. Additionally, Turck is providing customers...

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Website: http://www.turck.us

RFID EAS systems - Nedap Retail

iSense Lumen RF/RFID upgradable

The first step to an intelligent future

The iSense Lumen gate can be used at multiple locations in the store. The antenna can be placed at the Goods Receiving location where it tracks the items that arrive in the store. It can be placed between the stock room and the sales floor, to track the items that are moved from the stock to the sales floor. And the antenna...

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Website: http://www.nedap-retail.com

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Transponder - Wikipedia

Satellite/broadcast communications[ edit ]

For more details on this topic, see Transponder (satellite communications) .

A communications satellite 's channels are called transponders, because each is a separate transceiver or repeater . With digital video data compression and multiplexing , several video and audio channels may travel through a single transponder on a single wideband carrier ....

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Website: https://en.wikipedia.org

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RFID Starter Kit for Indigo Domotics - iAutomate.com

RFID Starter Kit for Indigo Domotics Product Description and Specifications

Great way to start with RFID if you own Indigo Software from Perceptive Automation - Unlimited Possibilities

Already Own Indigo 6.x or later ? Powered by Wavetrend,This RFID Starter kit inludes virtually everything you need to get started with RFID and automation whether it is in your home or business if you already own...

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Website: iautomate.com

RFID, Sensors and the Internet of Things - IOT Journal

The use of a wide variety of terms to describe RFID technologies--and the lack of precision among those terms--confuses companies seeking solutions to their business problems.

By Mark Roberti

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There are active RFID tags with on-board sensors that can detect humidity, moisture, motion, pressure and temperature. There are also battery-assisted and a few...

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Website: http://www.iotjournal.com

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Guard RFID Solutions Inc. Profile on T-Net

Lower Mainland / South Coast Lower Mainland


tag, RTLS, system integrators, RFID, access control

Profile Views:

Company Overview

Guard�RFID�Solutions -The next generation Active�RFID�Technology

Founded by highly experienced industry veterans,� Zahir Abji �and� Ally Mullani �in 2007, Guard�RFID�Solutions Inc. was established to provide the most robust, reliable and least...

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Website: http://www.bctechnology.com

Lockheed Martin Acquires RFID Firm Savi

Lockheed Martin Acquires RFID Firm Savi

May 08, 2006 13:14 UTC by Defense Industry Daily staff

While the US Marines have been seeing concrete payoffs from RFID technology in their supply chain, Lockheed Martin Corporation has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire RFID equipment and solutions provider Savi Technology, Inc .

Think of RFID as wireless bar codes that don't need to be swiped...

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Website: defenseindustrydaily.com

Provider of RFID Solutions | RFID Readers | RFID Solutions ...

RFID Tag Sample Packs, Fixed RFID Development Kit, Mobile Hand Held Development Kit, Inventory Management System, Asset Management System

Welcome To Intrasys

Founded in 2007, Intrasys is a pioneer in RFID productivity and automation solutions. Intrasys specializes in providing customized end-to-end Passive and...

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Website: https://www.intrasys.com.sg

RFID Time & Attendance System Reviews | Expert Market

How can an RFID (radio frequency identification) time and attendance system help your business? The main reason business owners buy this sort of system is to automate their clocking in and out processes and gain access to real time information to better manage their workforce.

To help you decide whether this type of system is the right one for your business, below are a selection of companies...

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Date: 2018-01-12 10:46:35
Website: https://timeandattendancesystems.expertmarket.co. ...

RFID Market Research Reports & RFID Industry Analysis ...

Barcode Equipment (UK) - Industry Report

Jan 01, 2018 | USD 460

... and PRISYMID LTD. This report covers activities such as zebra, barcode, labels, barcode scanners, marking and includes a wealth of information on the financial trends over the past four years. Plimsoll Publishing's latest Barcode Equipment ... Read More

Global Electronic Shelf Label Market 2018-2022

Dec 28, 2017 | USD...

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Website: https://www.marketresearch.com

National Oilwell Varco

Most wells lose production pressure after only 30 percent of the reservoir is extracted, leaving behind rich reserves. The U.S. Department of Energy and World Energy Council estimate that hundreds of billions of barrels of oil exist in old wells.

Up to 50 percent more oil can be tapped by increasing reservoir pressure via water injection and other methods. Global water injection requirements are...

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Website: http://www.nov.com

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Enter the Smart (Internet of Things) Warehouse - Supply ...

All Zebra Technologies News

July 5, 2015 · By Anne Field

With packing and shipping products from Lid's, warehouse duties used to be one heck of a laborious process.

Lids, an Indianapolis company , sells fashion athletic headwear, team apparel and other fan novelties.

In the old days, order takers - known as pickers - would get a list of items and walk...

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Website: http://www.supplychain247.com

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Guard RFID Solutions Inc., selected by Rocket Builders as ...

Guard RFID Solutions Inc., selected by Rocket Builders as "Ready to Rocket"

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

�Guard RFID Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce that it has been selected as one of twenty-five B.C. companies "Ready to Rocket". The list is compiled annually by Rocket Builders, a respected management consulting firm servicing the technology industry.

Ready to Rocket is a unique business...

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Website: guardrfid.com