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RFID System Hardware, Supplies, & Equipment

Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, is auto identification and data capture (AIDC) technology, which uses radio-frequency waves to...

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How Credit Card Fraud Works, And How To Stay Safe



If you're part of my generation, you might have had to convince your parents or grandparents at some point that using their credit card online is safe . "It doesn't feel safe," they say, but you tell them that's the way everyone shops all the time, and their credit card information is totally safe.

But you're wrong. Credit card numbers do get stolen, and credit card fraud...

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Evaluate Your RFID Vendor in Light of Intermec Program

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On 1 June 2005, Intermec Technologies began Rapid Start Licensing, a program of significantly discounted license bundles designed to simplify licensing of the company's RFID intellectual-property portfolio for other vendors of RFID technology. The program concludes 31 August 2005, at which point Intermec will return to its normal licensing policies.


This program will...

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RFID for DoD Packaging - easysoftcorp.com


RFID for DoD Packaging

Study-Up QuickIf you're just getting started with RFID compliance for DoD packaging and shipping, this will get you up to speed.

We'll Print Your RFIDsMaking these requires specialized equipment and some degree of experience...

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Privacy concerns grow with the use of RFID tags - SFGate

RFID tags - miniature chips that use radio waves to exchange data with reading devices - have been around since World War II, but with production costs dropping and applications sprouting at an unprecedented level, the industry believes the technology's time is now.

But while businesses see RFID as a way to obtain valuable information about their products' whereabouts, critics worry that the...

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Necessary Items for Starting a New Grocery Store | Chron.com

Necessary Items for Starting a New Grocery Store

by Catherine Capozzi

Opening a grocery store requires property and technology.

Hemera Technologies/AbleStock.com/Getty Images

Ideas for Opening a New Indian Grocery Store

When a customer steps foot into a grocery store, she is inundated with a variety of products to satiate her shopping needs. Shelves of well-known chains may stock over 20...

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