Design Consideration of UHF RFID Tag for Increased Reading ...

We investigated the design trade-off in the development of UHF-band RFID tag for increased reading range. Using the quality factors of the tag antenna and tag chip as design parameters, the effects of the quality factors on the turn-on voltage of the tag chip and the...

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Coplanar UHF RFID tag antenna with U-shaped inductively ...

Affiliation Department of Computer and Communication Systems, Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Putra Malaysia, 43400 UPM Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia

Coplanar UHF RFID tag antenna with U-shaped inductively coupled feed for metallic applications

Karrar Naji Salman, 

Raja Syamsul Azmir Raja Abdullah, 

Tale Saeedi



In this paper, we present a novel compact, coplanar, tag antenna...

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Micro UHF RFID Reader - JADAK

What are the most important and competitive features of the Micro?

ThingMagic Micro is the value leader for embedded RFID modules in this size class:

o Small form factor: High performance RFID can be designed into the latest smaller form factor mobile and handheld products and stationary readers, where size is important

o RF Power output adjustable up to 30 dBm: Results in tag read distance over...

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RFID tag antenna based temperature sensing -

Email: rahul b, floerkem and

Abstract--Temperature monitoring is important in a num-

ber of fields, particularly cold supply chain applications. Most

commercial wireless temperature sensors consist of transceivers,

memory and batteries to maintain a temperature time history but

this is expensive and allows for limited sensor deployment. In this

paper, we propose a low cost...

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Date: 2016-11-23 11:26:46

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Types of RFID - Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

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3.��� Types of RFID

The single acronym RFID is used to describe a variety of radio technologies, optimized for different types of applications. �The key distinctions are in the radio frequency band employed for communications, the means by which the RFID tag is powered, and the conventions used for communicating between the tag and the reader.

Electromagnetic waves are...

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Advanced RFID Measurements: Basic Theory to Protocol ...

Table 1. Comparison of the Typical RFID Read Range According to Frequency Band (Passive Tags)

While Table 1 compares the read range of passive tags, note that there are actually three RFID tag types: active, passive, and semiactive. Because active and semiactive tags use an onboard power source to power the tag response, they are typically capable of much longer read ranges. Passive tags, on...

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