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In the manufacturing process, barcode and RFID Technology are powerful tools that enable increased production times, improved inventory accuracy, error reduction, better routing information and other key operating efficiencies. Let MSM help you maintain a competitive advantage in today's global economy by deploying the right technology for identification and tracking...

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RFID 125KHz EM4100 ID Card Copier Duplicator with 6 ...

RFID 125KHz EM4100 ID Card Copier Duplicator with 6 Writable Tags and 6 Cards

Copy and duplicate the 125 Khz EM4100 / EM410X card / tag ID for backup purpose.

Support 125Khz EM4100 / EM410X or compatible card / tag format only.

2 buttons for Simple operations.

Standalone operation, no need to connect with computer / PC. 

Built-in individual LED lights and buzzer indicator.

Built-in transceiver...

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RFID in South Africa - RF Tags

RFID in South Africa

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is the name for a set of techniques used for the identification and tracking of various items.

In the mid 1980's the cost and size of electronic circuitry reduced dramatically. At the same time power consumption of microcircuits fell even more markedly. These advances made it possible for the production of low cost "tags" that could...

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E-Business Solutions Limited / RFID Library Management ...

The RFID Library Management Solution is designed to offer one-stop convenience to library staff and users via RFID technology. Using the latest RFID technology, information can be read much faster than with traditional barcodes. This technology improves economic efficiency and provides cost saving measures, while at the same time providing better protection of library resources. Our Solution can support small office library as well as mega libraries with millions of books.

Key Benefits

Enable multiple items check-in/-out simultaneously

Increase patronage by...

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