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Ultra High Frequency Tags

A radio-frequency identification tag (RFID tag) is an electronic tag that exchanges data with an RFID reader through radio waves.� Most tags are made up of at least two main parts - an...

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High Temperature RFID tags - D.O RFID Group

High Temperature RFID tags

High Temperature RFID tags

The UHF RFID Tags are highly durable UHF radio frequency identification (RFID) tags that can be mounted on any surface and supply long read range. The Tags are the most advanced general-purpose UHF RFID tags...

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China 2.4GHz Active RFID Readers -Dl9130 for Inventory ...

Electrical & Electronics Smart Card & Card Reader Smart Card Reader (3140)

Hot Searches:

Active Speaker Usb Reader USB Card Reader Card Reader Memory Mini Reader SD Reader Rfid Reader With Screen Iso Rfid Reader High Frequency...

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HF RFID On-metal Tag – High Temperature | ADC RFID


Product Description

As a special13.56MHz RFID tag at ADC RFID, PN#HF0004 is a rugged tag which can provides the great high-temperature resistant...

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RFID Tags manufacturer - Leading RFID Tags Supplier and ...

EverTrend Company Profile

Shanghai EVERTREND Enterprise Co., LTD is a professional RFID Tags and Cards manufacturer in China. The EVERTREND is a rigistered brand with high performance in RFID area. As the professional RFID tags manufacturer and smart cards manufacturer in China, EVERTREND provides many types of RFID cards and RFID tags with various frequency in different shapes, such...

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Active and passive RFID tags buy

passive tags operate due to the energy of the RFID reader magnetic field.

By operation frequency tags are devided into low-frequency (LF), high-frequency (HF), ultra high-frequency (UHF) tags and differentiate...

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HF RFID tag | High Frequency 13.56 MHz RFID Tags


HF RFID (13.56 MHz)

The HF inlay and tag has been widely applied, this is a more mature and most dynamic industry.

HF Tags, Labels and Cards operate at a frequency of 13.56 MHz. These types of tags are also "Passive" - no on board power source. 13.56mhz passive rfid tags applications that use HF RFID tags are...

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High Temperature RFID Tag – Small | ADC RFID


Product Description

ADC RFID PN#UHF0001 is a small formal factor 860~960MHz UHF GEN2 RFID tag, this rugged small tag cab withstand the high temperature up to 250 °C, with the...

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RFID Tags | Jewelry RFID Tags | UHF RFID Tags - India

Home » RFID Tags


We are the manufacturers and exporters of a wide assortment of RFID Tags in India. Our exclusive range of RFID tags are in great demand owing to their robust construction and exact dimensions. We are engaged in offering the best possible security solutions to our clients through our RFID tags. Our clients have accredited us as the best manufacturers and exporters of RFID Tags due to our advanced and sophisticated...

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Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID Tags & Systems - everything RF

The Ultra High Frequency (UHF) band is the frequency range from 300 MHz to 1 GHz. RFID systems that operate in this frequency band are called Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID Systems. UHF RFID tags/readers usually operate at 433 MHz and from 860 to 960 MHz. UHF RFID tags operate using the far-field radiative coupling principle or backscatter coupling principle.

UHF RFID tags have a much higher read range when compared to LF and HF tags. The high...

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Low Frequency RFID Tags - 125 KHz, 134.2 KHz, 148 KHz ...

All LF RFID Tags, 125 KHz, 134.2 KHz, 148 KHz

All LF RFID Tags, 125 KHz, 134.2 KHz, 148 KHz RFID Admin 2017-01-20T20:47:24+00:00

Low Frequency RFID Tags

Our broad offering of LF (low frequency) RFID Tags include a full gambit, from hardened...

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RFID Tags Suppliers|Industial RFID Tags Wholesale | STARNFC



STARNFC offers a range of Metal Mount RFID tags. They are special designed for�RFID asset tracking and RFID inventory management, logistic industries and including truck, container , all metal

surface tracking. Avialable in Low Frequency (LF) and High Frequency (HF) and Ultra- High

Frequency (UHF) ,all our RFID metal tags � could be used on metal surface and products and metal products asset management.

Metal mount RFID tags Key Features:


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RFID Applications and Challenges | IntechOpen

RFID reader can access data of RFID tag and transmit the content from RFID tag to middleware which is a necessary component in RFID application system. The middleware is also the interface software that connects new RFID hardware with legacy enterprise IT systems [ 36 ]. Middleware is used to route data between the RFID networks and the IT systems within an organization. It merges new RFID systems with legacy IT systems.

RFID Reader is also called Interrogator. The RFID reader can read and write data of RFID tag via radio frequency. RFID readers can classify serial reader and network reader according to connection...

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Small RFID Tag – UHF 15mm | ADC RFID


Product Description

ADC RFID small RFID tag - UHF 15mm, UHF0049, is a small size on-metal application RFID tag, it is make by FR4 material, the most stable antenna materials in recent 30 years worldwide. Coming with the copper etched antenna, this UHF GEN2 small RFID tags provides more consistent reading performance when comparing with aluminum etched...

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Ultra High Frequency RFID Reader Four-Channel Reader

Ultra High Frequency RFID Reader Four-Channel Reader

Four-Channel Ultra High Frequency RFID Reader is a high-performance UHF RFID read/write device, support ISO 18000-6C/6B two kinds of protocol, working frequency: 920 MHz 925 MHz/840 MHz 845 MHz, FCC: 902 MHz 928 MHz, ETSI: 865 MHz 868 MHz, JP: 916 MHz 920 MHz, output power support 0 dBm-33 dBm, long reading distance, high speed, multi-tag recognition capability,�anti-interference ability, protective performance, easy to install and use.


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RFID Singapore: RFID Tags,RTLS,Readers,Antenna & Solutions ...

Provider of RFID Hardware,Software,Tags, Readers, Antenna,Sensors, Active RFID and Passive RFID Solutions in Singapore.

Telephone: +65 81575246 | Email: Sale@RFIDSingapore.com.sg

Office at 6 Harper Road, #02-05/06 Leong Huat Building , Singapore 369674

RFID Singapore - About Us

RFID Singapore (SG) is a RFID Solutions Provider in Singapore and boasts many years of experiences specializing in...

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Invisi-Tag® RFID

These frequencies determine what type of range the reader would detect RFID Tags. The RFID Reader sends enough radio waves to start the RFID tag's circuit. The activated tag then transmits the signal with an ASCII/Binary/EPC or other format of unique number. This unique serial number is related in a database to represent a product or information.


RFID Tags are the receiver component of the system which receives the radio waves. The RFID tag is a crucial component of this system. There are two types of tags, active tags and passive tags.

Active Tags

An active tag has its own power source. The advantage of this particular tag is...

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RFID Tags | Manufacturers of RFID Tag Products

RFID inlays from the top RFID inlay manufacturers

What are RFID Tags?

The term "RFID Tags" is often used as a general term to describe not only RFID Tags but RFID Labels and RFID Cards. It is important to know which frequency your RFID solution operates at and what type of product the tag be affixed to before searching for a RFID tag. If your application is to track a metal tote you would want a RFID tag that is designed to be mounted on a metal surface (Metal RFID Tags). If you need additional information on a particular product please click on the "Request Info" link next to the product.

UHF (Ultra High Frequency) Tags, Labels and Cards operate at a...

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RFID companies in India | RFID Tags | RFID Products | RFID ...

RFID devices include an object which is called RFID tags. This radio frequency tags are assimilated into products, pets or in an individual for the motive of identifying and tracking. RFID tags uses electromagnetic fields to identify and trace objects. These tags are also known as RFID Transponders.

There are three kinds of RFID tags available in the market. Naming one of them would be active RFID tags which obtain batteries and can transfer signals independently. Another type of RFID tag is passive RFID tags which do not have batteries. These tags need...

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rfid equipment Suppliers and Factory China - Wholesale ...

Internet Things RFID

rfid equipment

Contact Now Uhf Rfid Garments Tag RFID apparel tags, garment tag ,UHF RFID apparel tag,RFID tag for clothing Read More

Contact Now 860MHz-960MHz RFID Washable Label For Toy/Shoes/Clothing RFID Garment Label, Ployester, Made in China manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Eco-Friendly Woven Main Label for Garments / Toy / Shoes, Popular arfid System RF...

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small passive rfid tags micro rfid tag cheap rfid tags - D ...

small passive rfid tags micro rfid tag cheap rfid tags

small passive rfid tags micro rfid tag cheap rfid tags

Our cheapest micro RFID Tags are special designed in small sizes such as Dia 9mm, 8*15mm, 6*20mm, 7*10mm, 12*12mm etc.


1.������ Overview:

Our cheapest micro RFID Tags are special designed in small sizes such as Dia 9mm, 8*15mm, 6*20mm,7*10mm, 12*12mm etc. They...

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High Frequency RFID Reader Module DO RFID Reader factory

13.56Mhz High Frequency RFID Reader Module

13.56Mhz High Frequency RFID Reader Module

13.56Mhz High Frequency RFID Reader Module is a NFC smart card reading and writing module developed based on ISO18092 ISO14443A/B international standard protocols. These RFID modules enable contactless, close-proximity tag reading and are popularly used in high security and fast data collection...

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RFID Tags - Radio Frequency Identification - RFID Tag ...

The Tag Factory

About Us

TTF (part of the PVL Group; members of AIM & GS1) is a manufacturer of RFiD Tags, started in 2008 with the primary objective of distinct culture...

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Portable RFID Tag Readers - visionbarcode.com

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What is RFID Tag Reader?

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) utilizes electromagnetic fields to automatically detect and track tags attached to products. The tags store electronically stored information. Passive tags gather energy from a close-by RFID reader's interrogating radio waves. Active tags comprise of a local power source and may operate hundreds of meters from the RFID reader.

How does it work?

Unlike a barcode, it is not required for the tag to be within the sight of the reader, so it could be embedded in the tracked object. RFID systems encompass three elements - RFID tag, RFID reader and an antenna. RFID tags...

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New inductive sensors and HF-RFID tags for high ...

Especially for use in areas with very high ambient temperatures, Contrinex has developed new inductive sensors with integral electronics and new high frequency RFID tags.

High temperature inductive sensors

Each year, in the M18 size alone, there is a world market demand of 30,000 units for high temperature inductive sensors with integral amplifier electronics and temperature resistance from minus 25°C to +180°C. They are used, for example, in automotive industry paint-shops, on hot electroplating lines, or in industrial bakeries.


Contrinex will in future offer new, high temperature resistant, standard sensors (series 600...

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Which RFID tags are best for vehicle tracking? - YouTube

Today, Alison looks at a few UHF (Ultra High Frequency) passive Gen2 RFID (pRFID) tags that are great for tracking cars, trucks, and maybe even bicycles.

pRFID is where everything is going in the RFID world. It's cheap ($0.20 to a couple of dollars, depending on what you need), doesn't...

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rfid host system : WHAT IS RFID : RFID Institute South ...

RFID middleware: A set of software components that acts as a bridge between the RFID hardware components and the host application software.

Host application: Software that receives processed and normalized data - sent from the tag - through the reader and the RFID middleware software.



RFID tags are attached to the items that are to be tracked or identified. The tags provide a means to track and manage supply-chain and identification details such as attributes, source, destination and route - for each of the tagged items.


The basic types of RFID tags are...

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RFID frequency ranges - Centre National RFID

RFID frequency ranges

1. The RFID frequency spectrum

RFID is considered as a non specific short range device. It can use frequency bands without a license. Nevertheless, RFID has to be compliant with local regulations (ETSI, FCC etc.)

oLF : 125 kHz - 134,2 kHz : low frequencies,

oHF : 13.56 MHz : high frequencies,

oUHF : 860 MHz - 960 MHz : ultra high frequencies,

oSHF : 2.45 GHz : super high...

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RFID 101: RFID smart label printers

RFID Journal

RFID Label Printers

RFID label printers, also called printer-encoders, combine a traditional bar code printer with a RFID encoder to print "smart labels". Smart labels contain UPC bar code information on the front with a programmed RFID...

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Date: 2017-01-18 01:36:32
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Segmented Magnetic Antennas for Near-field UHF RFID

Conventional radiatively coupled, ultra-high frequency radio-frequency identification (UHF RFID) tags have certain...

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RFID Products | RFID Technology | Buy RFID Components

RFID Products

- Readers, Tags & More -

SkyRFID offers a large range of products for ADC (Automated Data Collection) using RFID technology. We work with numous high quality manufacturers and strategic partners to ensure that you get the best solution for your application, and even better value for your money. We are constantly sourcing new hardware to ensure our customers are getting the best...

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Types of RFID - Control Electric Company

RFID products are then broken up into different frequencies. Tags and Antennas are tuned or matched much the same way as a radio is tuned to a frequency to receive different channels. These frequencies are grouped into Four basic ranges: Low Frequency, High Frequency, Very High Frequency and Ultra-High Frequencies.

Each frequency range has its advantages and disadvantages. Europe use 868 MHz. for...

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Date: 2008-03-06 17:41:34
Website: http://www.controlelectric.com

RFID Technology | Coastal R&E

RFID Technology for Product Identity and Tracking in the Nursery Industry

According to� Wikipedia , radio-frequency identification (RFID) is the use of an object (typically referred to as an RFID tag) applied to or incorporated into a product, animal, or person for the purpose of identification and tracking using radio waves. Some tags can be read from several meters away and beyond the line of...

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Trovan - About RFID

What are the limitations of barcode?

Tag size. Not suitable for extremely tiny items or tag dimensions.

Scan angle. Barcodes require line-of-sight scanning, without obstructions.

Tag orientation. Barcodes require line-of-sight scanning. You cannot read them through objects, paint, mud or dirt.

Harsh environments. Barcodes can be scratched, scuffed, or corroded. Abrasion and direct impacts deface barcodes.

Bright sunlight and reflective surfaces.

Water droplets.

High frequency (HF) and ultra high frequency...

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Date: 2017-02-16 11:05:21
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Rfid Tags Wiring Diagrams - Wiring Diagrams

Rfid tags wiring diagrams rfid radio frequency identification identifies data stored on a chip in a card or dongle and pares them to a list of tags that have already been scanned the library also contains a fritzing diagram which i have annotated indicating business wire austriamicrosystems visit http austriamicrosystems rfid as3992 for more rfid tags and sensors help inventory accounting which aids stocking ready for the crowds the mad rush of the holidays can be a high wire act for retailers emailwire november 06 2017 the technology for...

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RFID Tag Manufacturer and Supplier in India – Eco Track ...

We serve as one of the most reliable RFID passive tags suppliers while also dealing in RFID active tags. RFID tags generally feature RFID chip for the transmission of information to the reader. The users do not need to swipe tag through readers; instead, they simply need to pass the tag within the radio frequency reader range for reading and storing information. We offer more than 250+ various...

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Low Frequency (LF) RFID Tags & Systems - everything RF

The Low Frequency (LF) band is the frequency range from 30 KHz to 300 KHz. RFID systems that operate in this frequency band are called Low Frequency (LF) RFID Systems. LF RFID systems operate at 125 KHz and at 134 KHz (depending on the application and on the country where it is being used). The LF tags are based on inductive coupling technology which means that the RFID reader induces a current in the RFID tag which then powers the RFID tag and sends out some basic identification information to the RFID reader. LF tags are usually...

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Flexible UHF Gen 2 Mount-On-Metal RFID Tag

GAO RFID Inc. is offering its flexible UHF Gen 2 mount-on-metal RFID tag which is ideal for both indoor conditions and for basic outdoor use. It is appropriate for multiple applications such as asset tracking and supply chain applications and is especially useful for tagging cylindrical metal objects.

The on metal Gen 2 RFID tag, model 116046, operates over the frequency range of 902 to 928 MHz...

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RFID Tags - eAgile Inc.

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System

All Frequencies (UHF, HF/NFC, LF)

Variable Data (Serialization, Text and Barcodes)

100% Inspection

Let eAgile make RFID easy for your organization.

Use the form below for more information

Name (required)


Which RFID frequency fits your needs?

RFID transponders (RFID chip and antenna) are available in different frequencies and selection is dependent...

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RFID Solutions in India | RFID House

Track and Manage Everything

We Providing Interactive Application To Manage Your own Business

RFID House is a software development company in India providing distinguished services in the distribution of guaranteed RFID Readers/ Handhelds, RFID Tags, RFID UHF/HF/LF Solutions , RFID Antenna, NFC, Biometrics and e-Governance Technologies, spotlighted for IT & Manufacturing Industries. RFID House...

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rfid tags for clothing, rfid clothing tag, rfid tag for ...

RFID Tags for Clothing Run Through the Whole Supply Chains of Apparel Industry

RFID Tags for Clothing News-August-29-2013

The apperance of RFID tags for clothing has vastly improved the speed of data collection, especially in the moving process. The features, like unique ID of information carrier and the fast info reading and store, determine that RFID tags for clothing are able to function more...

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Date: 2017-02-14 13:13:14
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RFID - Axem Technology EN


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Metal tags MIL-STD-810 RFID-Active Wristbands HF Geolocation 3G Labels Barcode Rugged-Tablet-PC Cards Key-fobs Traceability Glass-transponders Service-Center High-Temperature Inlay Autoclave


RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, allows data acquisition,...

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rfid tags price, rfid tag price, rfid tags with low price ...

RFID Tags Price News-January-17-2013

When it comes to RFID Tags, many people naturally think of RFID Tags Price . Subconsciously, people have the mind that nothing for nothing and every little for a halfpenny, which maybe makes them shrink back at the sight of burgeoning RFID technology products because of their feeling of expensive RFID Tags Price. However, luck would have it, as the leading and...

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Date: 2017-02-14 13:12:10
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RFID - Axem Technology EN

M-2800 (MOD-4) UHF

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Metal tags MIL-STD-810 RFID-Active Wristbands HF Geolocation 3G Labels Barcode Rugged-Tablet-PC Cards Key-fobs Traceability Glass-transponders Service-Center High-Temperature Inlay Autoclave


RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, allows data acquisition,...

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RFID Tag Specification

RFID Chip Manufactuerers

Today, there are several prominient RFIDchip makers and Firefly has used many of these sources over the years.�

Most recently, we are most impressed with the Monza chip from our good friends at Impinj in Seattle.�� Impinj continues to lead the way in high performance RFID chips that power many of the high-performance tag designs available today.�


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Date: 2015-01-12 21:19:16
Website: http://www.fireflyrfidsolutions.com

RFID Tag Types – Electronic Product Design


Low Frequency vs High Frequency

Low frequency readers are often cheaper (although not always due to the mass production of high frequency).

Low frequency writable�tags typically have smaller memory and the data transfer between read and tag is slower due to the lower frequency.

High frequency tags can often have a shorter range than low frequency.

High frequency tags are often cheaper due to mass production volumes.

Maximum range - for low cost modules such as those from people like� ibtechnology.co.uk

For high frequency 13.56MHz iCode will likely give you the best range for a writable tag. �However it won't be as big as for the best low...

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Website: http://www.electronic-products-design.com

rfid inventory tags, rfid inventory tracking tags ...

RFID Inventory Tags Offer a Feasible Technological Approach for Warehouse Control

RFID Inventory Tags News-June-07-2013

With the development of modern logistics, high-tech products like RFID inventory tags have been increasingly applied in logistics warehouse management. Nowadays, many companies have been conscious that using RFID inventory tags can enhance the transparency of supply chain...

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Date: 2017-10-23 14:09:18
Website: rfid-in-china.com

RFID System Components - Firefly RFID Solutions

Host computer with appropriate application software


RFID tags are tiny microchips with memory and an antenna coil, thinner than paper and some only 0.3mm across. RFID tags listen for a radio signal sent by a RFID reader. When a RFID tag receives a query, it responds by transmitting its unique ID code and other data back to the reader. There are two types of RFID tags--passive and active.

RFID Readers

RFID readers, also called interrogators query RFID tags in order to obtain identification, location, and other information about the device or product the tag is embedded in. The RF energy from the reader...

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Date: 2015-01-12 21:19:45
Website: http://www.fireflyrfidsolutions.com

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What the differences between the passive rfid tag and ...

What the differences between the passive rfid tag and active rfid tags?

Active RFID tags have a transmitter and their own power source (typically a battery). The power source is used to run the microchip's circuitry and to broadcast a signal to a reader (the way a cell phonetransmits signals to a base station). Passive tags have no battery. Instead, they draw power from the reader, which sends out electromagnetic waves that induce a current in the tag's antenna....

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Date: 2017-11-14 03:05:33
Website: http://www.oprfid.com

RFID Tags Manufacturer - MoreRFID

RFID Tags Manufacturer

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification. This acronym refers to small electronic devices that consist of a small chip and an antenna. Just as the barcode or a magnetic strip provides a unique identification to an object, RFID device retrieves information by scanning through the RFID label/tag. RFID serves the same purpose as the magnetic strip on the back of a credit...

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Website: https://www.morerfid.com