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The magic 5 cents per tag

05 April 2012

Jessica S il

For a long time, the barrier for item-level RFID has been the tag cost. Since 2001 or so, the industry has discussed, waited, wanted, hoped and believed that the changing point is when the cost hits $0,05.

Interestingly, now that we have practically come close to that mark, the discussion has shifted towards "the tag should cost $0,01 instead"....

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Supply Chain Labeling Software | BarTender by Seagull ...

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BarTender® Software for Supply Chain Labeling

Standardized labeling processes across the supply chain can help achieve the accuracy and efficiency goals of lean and Six Sigma programs, allowing tracking systems to be deployed deeply into the production cycle, and providing the interoperability that's crucial to delivering value in today's build-to-order and JIT supply...

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Types of RFID Tags - AB&R® (American Barcode and RFID)


Passive RFID Tags

Passive tags are comprised of three elements: an integrated circuit or chip, an antenna, and a substrate.

The RFID chip stores data and performs specific tasks. Depending on its design, the chip may be read-only (RO), write-once, read-many (WORM), or read-write (RW). Typically, RFID chips carry 96 bits of memory but can range from 2-1000 bits.

Attached to the chip is the...

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Supply chain management and inventory control system

Supply chain management and inventory control system


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23rd March, 2015

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Abstract: Previously organizations had problems with inaccurate inventory control system. This research aims to investigate RFID techniques to solve inventory control problems. The...

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Date: 1970-01-01 00:00:00

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E-Business Solutions Limited / Overview

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RFID (radio frequency identification) is a technology that incorporates the use of electromagnetic or electrostatic coupling in the radio frequency (RF) portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to uniquely identify an object, animal, or person.

What is RFID?

RFID (radio frequency identification) is a technology that...

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Barcode Printing & Thermal Label Printing Equipment ...

Barcode Planet > Barcode Printing & Thermal Label Printing Equipment & Supplies

Barcode Printing & Thermal Label Printing Equipment & Supplies

Thermal Printers

At Barcode Planet we have a large variety of Thermal Label Printers for all applications. We carry a complete line of products suitable for small to large-scale printing needs. Our product portfolio includes options from top brands like...

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RFID Asset Tracking - inLogic

RFID Asset Tracking

RFTrack.NET - RFID Asset Tracking Software Overview

The RFTrack.NET software platform helps organizations improve the visibility of their fixed assets by enabling them to automate fixed asset inventory audits, locate assets, and track the movement of assets in real-time. A variety of technologies including Active RFID, Passive RFID, barcodes, and other data collection technologies are supported, which can be implemented individually or together to meet customer-specific asset tracking needs. The platform supports both fixed and handheld RFID readers...

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Electronic animal identification by Agrident

» Accessories ABR200


Daily data recording in animal livestock needs portable readers and data collecting systems. AGRIDENT offers a wide range of portable readers from simple identification devices to Reader heads for sophisticated handheld computers. The readers are designed very robustly and ergonomically for the harsh environment in agriculture. Due to the variable interface they can be connected to many management software packages.

AIR300 - The mobile Windows Solution

The RFID reader AIR300 is an integrated 134.2 kHz RFID reader for WAP3 and WAP4 the rugged mobile computer PSION Workabout Pro...

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RFID: The Latest Technology Trends -

RFID have started off with trials while some other early adopters have begun implementing RFID in their systems after doing detailed research on RFID. A lot of effort has gone into putting standards in place especially with respect to the new Gen 2 protocol. Another significant trend during 2006 was the increase in the demand for item-level tagging.

RFID and Bar Codes

Prior to the emergence of RFID, bar codes were used extensively in different industry verticals and Frost & Sullivan expects the situation not to change drastically...

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