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Making a RFID Card Reader with Arduino Yún

Posted by: arduino engineer Posted date: August 06, 2016 | comment : 0

Surya Mattu is a creative technologist who loves to make things. He's based in NYC and working at ITP, a two-year graduate program exploring the imaginative use of communications technologies. Today he's sharing with us how feasible it could be to build an RFID-controlled entry for...

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Diy rfid reader antenna TurkHub.net

GAO RFID's UHF 860-960 MHz 4 Port Long Range RFID Reader features a compact size, light weight and multi-regional flexibility. It has 4 antenna ports and is ...


Playing with Radio Frequency Identification readers & writers Check out more of my Arduino & Electronics...

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How to Open Your Garage Door With RFID

Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, is an exciting technology that has gained popularity in recent years. �It creates the ability to tag something with a very small passive chip that then allows remote reading of the information on that chip. �RFID tags are commonly used for security door swipe cards, identification for lost pets, and more recently near field communication in...

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13.56Mhz USB RFID Reader/Writer Module - emartee.com


13.56Mhz USB RFID Reader/Writer Module

RFID  frequency identification is a non-contact object recognition technology, it can automaticlly recognize target and get relevant data through rf signal, so there are so many interactive projects which need to use RFID to achieve object recognition. Generally speaking, one basic kit of RFID general system mainly consists of three parts :

Tag :...

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GitHub - miguelbalboa/rfid: Arduino RFID Library for MFRC522

The SDA pin might be labeled SS on some/older MFRC522 boards.


There are three hardware components involved:

Micro Controller:

An Arduino or compatible executing the Sketch using this library.

Prices vary from USD 7 for clones, to USD 75 for "starter kits" (which might be a good choice if this is your first exposure to Arduino; check if such kit already includes the Arduino, Reader, and...

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RFID RC522 Gate Access Control with Arduino | 14Core.com

In this illustration we will going to wire the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Module RC522 in this module it uses a radio signals and a Radio Label Tags for reading and writing data.

How Servo works please refer to this link.

The most common way of using RFID is the identification or a products, where tag can contain information such as product code, the origin, expiration date, and the...

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