Android RFID Card Reader

We have developed a hardware add-on for a RFID card reader/writer, capable of reading classic Mifare 1K RFID cards/tags. You can connect it to your Android device through the USB port. A few expensive Android phones already have a NFC/RFID reader built-in. There are other stand-alone RFID scanners that can connect via blue-tooth as well.

But we have developed a hardware add-on that can connect to the USB port directly. So, if you have a basic Android device. With this hardware add-on, you can...

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From: Alfatek Systems

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BoothTracker Android Credit Card Interface

“Android Mobil Rental, the wireless payment collections and booth rental module is now capable of collecting Credit Card payments on the spot through either a swiped or keyed-in mode. The above video will show you step-by-step instructions on how to collect a payment through a Credit Card and print a receipt on-the-spot using the Bixolon Bluetooth Pocket Printer.

Furthermore, the video will display step-by-step instructions on how to retrieve vendor information using the UGrokIt RFID...

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From: BoothTrackerBT

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