RFID card data export to Google Spreadsheet + Keyboard Simulation - uFR2FileSystem software

Manufacturer web site: http://www.d-logic.net/

Software Free download page: http://dld.is.d-logic.net/

uFR2FileSystem version 1.0 download: http://dld.is.d-logic.net/index.php/download/ufr-nfc-reader-writer-download

RFID card data export to Google Spreadsheet by using uFR2FileSystem software with uFR Mifare Reader Writer.

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From: DLogicSystems

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Web based Biometic Time Attendance Software free download

Visit and Download @ http://goo.gl/9vzWo7

This web enabled biometric time and attendance software is used to connect several biometric attendance devices from different branch office and monitor the employee attendance at a centralized place. This software can be customized as per customer requirement. This is very excellent software done by our team for all type industries especially for multi branch companies.

This time & attendance software can be integrated with any face recognition...

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From: Techi Box

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Breaking Mifare Classic using bootable Live DVD

The bootable Live RFID Hacking System http://live.openpcd.com contains a ready-to-use set of hacking tools for breaking and analyzing MIFARE Classic RFID cards and other well known card formats. It is built around PCSC-lite, the CCID free software driver and libnfc that gives you access to some of the most common RFID readers.

You can download a bootable ISO image of the RFID Live Hacking System Live CD/DVD (663MB, for 64bit x86 systems only) at http://live.openpcd.com .

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From: Milosch Meriac

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