RFID Security Technology

A short introduction to RFID security technology and how it can help keep your most precious information private. You can check out the all-new In Win Ammo, 2.5" external HD enclosure that features RFID security technology.

Please visit www.inwin-style.com for more information.

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RFID Security

Speech on the ethical issues that are overlooked today in RFID technology.

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How secure is having my front door locked or opened by RFID technology?


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How secure is it having my front door locked or opened by RFID technology?

Metal keys and locks have been in use for centuries, so deviating from tried and true formula for protection requires a good reason. Thankfully, RFID technology and key fobs provide one—namely, an even greater degree of protection than their metallic counterparts. A lock which is...

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RFiD in Action LIVE! RFID.avi

PowerPoint Presentation from the introduction of RFiD Technology to the Security Industry via the IP UserGroup security technology forum.

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Bank locker security system based on RFID and GSM technology (hindi language)

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RFID is Pretty Cool Technology, But is it Safe and Secure?

Hacking RFID is child's play, RFID implants linked to cancer, Whats ahead?

These are various RFID related clips I put together with some titles to help educate others about the health hazards and dangers to our liberty imposed by RFID "chipping" and tracking of every single individual item based on unique serial number. (Unlike UPC which has a universal number per PRODUCT not per unique purchase) and then the obvious dangers to your personal information by any 14 year old hacker kid....

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Heys RFID-Blocking Tablet Sling Backpack

Travel worry-free knowing that your personal items are safe and secure with HeysProtect RFID-blocking technology built into your Heys Tablet Sling backpack. http://ow.ly/VDtQc

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Cell Phone Wall Mounted Locker RFID High Security Storage Cabinet for Keys Wallets

RFID wall mounted lockers are ideal storage cabinet for cell phones, keys, wallets, and other items for high-security storage applications. With an extremely slim design and configurable bin sizes, the cell phone wall mounted lockers provide more secure storage cabinet in a compact space. RFID technology monitors and documents every transaction, allowing you to accurately keep track of every stored item without tedious manual processes.

For more information on high-security cell phone wall...

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Ask your RFID card issuer to provide Dead Bolt RFID Security

Ask your card issuer to protect your information with the unsurpassed level of security and privacy only Dead Bolt Integrated Contactless RFID Security Technology can provide. Now available from Spivey Technologies, LLC.

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Security Threat

RFID Technology is not the solution,

but the beginning of even more problems (such as health issues from RFID).

Privacy verses Secutity, Identity verses Intent. Health verses Safety.


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