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Professional Printing contactless smart RFID card

(Email: clio@hyjcard.com) Website: http://www.haoyinjiacard.com/

RFID card is contactless smart card that can be read far from distance or touch the rfid reader. It will be more useful in our daily life. Our hotel rfid key tag, bus card, library card, subway tag or cards, identify card now all apply in smart IC and be Smart RFID cards. We offer 125Mhz, 13.56Mhz, 860-960Mhz RFID plastic cards and can custom the card according to your artworks and request.

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How RFID chip card making

(Email: clio@hyjcard.com) Website: www.haoyinjiacard.com China professional rfid chip card printing factory -------shenzhen haoyinjia smart card technology co.,ltd which was set up for more than 15 years located at Guangdong China.

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How ABS RFID keyFOB making ?

(Email: clio@hyjcard.com) Website: http://www.haoyinjiacard.com/ Contact us to get more information.Here are the main production process of ABS key tags,abs key tag usually be used in door control system.

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Plastic&PVC card Printing--RFID smart card Printing process

PVC Card Printing Factory http://www.haoyinjiacard.com.for more details please Contact us at clio@hyjcard.com

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RFID Chip Card Making

(Email: clio@hyjcard.com) Website: www.haoyinjiacard.com Quality Assurance · Custom processing · Competitive price · Trusted by Millions · Find great deals

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RFID keyfob make process & Plastic pvc Printing process

for more RFID keyfob and Plastic PVC card information please Contact us at clio@hyjcard.com http://www.haoyinjiacard.com

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