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Lec 7 Special Topics in Supply Chain Management

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Introduction - R and D Opportunities and the Future of RFID Research - The Internet of Things: A Quantum Leap Forward - R and D Opportunities and the Future of RFID Tags - R and D Opportunities and the Future of RFID Frequencies - Anti-Counterfeit Research / Time and Temperature Pedigree - Aero-Astro Technology and Research - Active RFID Standardization Pathway - Automotive Manufacturing Research Roadmap for RFID - Healthcare and Life Sciences Requirements for RFID -...

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SMART RFID Portal for Automatic Identification

With SMART RFID Portal it is possible to maximally optimize all scanning processes, such as goods reception, completion and shipping. In three simple moves one employee can easily and error-free identify hundreds of tags put in boxes, packages and on pallet. Using portal brings real savings, too. SMART RFID portal has the best polish RFID product built-in: RFID UHF reader Master 01.

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How to Work and Alien Handheld RFID Reader

This video talks about how to use a Alien Technology RFID hand held reader to read RFID tags.

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IBM RFID Clipped Tag

The IBM clipped tag technology allows consumers to tear off the antenna of an RFID tag, thereby significantly reducing the tag's read range to just a few inches. This makes it extremely difficult to read tags within an individual's personal space without being noticeable. The clipped tag gives consumers the ability to simply "opt out" and protect their privacy. The chip, however, retains full functionality otherwise. This enhances consumer privacy while maintaining the benefits of the...

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Optical RFID

설명 Optical RFID and general RFID comparison video.

Optical RFID can selectively recognize only the desired tag. Therefore, it is a smart factory-optimized RFID technology.

The Stray Reading problem does not occur.

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From: Yanggi Kang

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RFID Tag Store BMW Manufacturing RFID application: BMW Manufacturing. RFID technology is used throughout the assembly line of BMW in Munich. BMW's state of the art technology includes RFID readers and tags for precision manufacturing.

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Active RFID 2.45 GHz Speed Test by Sagato Technology

บริษัท ซากาโต้ เทคโนโลยี ได้ทำการทดสอบระบบ RFID ระยะไกล (long range) โดยการ Detect ระหว่าง Reader กับ Active Tag ที่ความถี่ 2.45 GHz ทำการทดสอบด้วยความเร็วรถยนตร์ที่ 80 และ 120 กิโลเมตร/ชั่วโมง

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Zebra: Inside RFID - The Technology Behind the Tag

Join Zebra Industry Development Manager McLeod Williamson as he takes a look at the technology behind the RFID tag. To learn more about RFID visit our website:

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rfid luggage tag Supplier, Wholesale RFID Baggage Tag, Custom NFC Luggage Tag

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RFID luggage tags utilize RFID technology to provide baggage and luggage tracking solutions, RFID scanners a few meters away will be able to use the wireless signal automatic identification luggage and baggage tags.

However, baggage tags do not need to be power-driven, they work without the use of battery, they are the latest technology.

RFID tags with built-in devices are capable of full recognition of luggage, compared to...

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This Country Called Agriculture EP. 12, Part 1- UHF RFID Technology

Rob Eirich and Glen Kathler of SAIT Polytechnic discuss Ultra High Frequency RFID tag technology.

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RFID Library Tag, Reader

The RFID technology help the book store owner or library managemer a lot in anti-theft and management, more accurate and save lots time.

Contact: May Wang


Mobile: 86 18330116260

Skype: may18330116260

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RFID VS Barcode Egypt

arcode labels have been the industry standard in retail and logistics for over 30 years, but other technologies, namely radio-frequency identification (RFID), have greatly diminished the luster of barcodes in the past decade. While both are well suited for certain applications, the advantages of RFID over barcodes are great in number and significance.

1-RFID doesn’t need line of sight

2- An RFID tag is read/write.

3-RFID tags are durable and reusable.

4-Data is encrypted.

5-RFID tags are...

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IOT-Link: Bluetooth V4.0 BLE active RFID Tag event and setting

The tag is based on Bluetooth V4.0 BLE technology. The tag will be configured by the APP, report schedule and power level. The max. range of the tag is 30 meters.

There're two event on the tag.

1. Panic button

2. G-sensor: it will sense the movement of the tag for anti-theft or protection applications.

The tag will be integrated with external sensors, temperature, humidity, IR temperature, gas, smoke, CO,CO2, gas, smoke and etc.. sensors.

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On-Site Printable Universal Mini RFID Tags

Small profile, big results! Perfect for on-site printing and on-demand RFID tag encoding and printing.

With a smaller footprint and low profile, the Universal Mini RFID Asset Tag easily fits in smaller places and on assets where other tags may be too large.

Developed using the same premise as our original Universal RFID Asset Tag, the smaller tag utilizes a patented inlay design and passive RFID technology to obtain incredible read ranges on a variety of different materials - metal, plastic...

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From: Metalcraft

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