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iDTRONIC RFID Applications

This presentation shows applications of RFID from iDTRONIC in a broad range of real-world situations.

iDTRONIC Professional RFID is a business unit of the iDTRONIC Group, which is one of the leading suppliers of innovative RFID hardware products.

iDTRONIC Professional RFID develops, manufactures and sells RFID products for Logistics, Asset Tracking, Supply Chain, Industrial Automation, Waste Management and Laundry.

iDTRONIC Professional RFID products guarantee a fast and safe identification...

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iDTRONIC Embedded RFID Readers & Modules Product Presentation

Get to know iDTRONIC's powerful embedded RFID Readers and Modules product range.

Our Readers / Modules are available in UHF, HF, NFC and LF.

Visit for more detailed information, or contact as at

iDTRONIC - Professional RFID

Your trusted partner for RFID hardware solutions

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iDTRONIC BLUEBOX Product Presentation

BLUEBOX Professional RFID is a family of highly sophisticated RFID Controllers, Readers, Antennas and Solutions allowing easy system integration.

BLUEBOX Professional RFID is a breakthrough in System Integration. BLUEBOX Professional RFID products provide robust performance and have many useful features integrated, which simplify deployment, reduce costs and improve the time-to-market for the customers.

BLUEBOX Professional RFID is specially designed even for demanding applications such...

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