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RFD5500 RFID Sled | How to Pair with an MC55A - Tutorial

The RFD5500 RFID sled from Zebra Technologies can give you the ability to add RFID tag reading and encoding capabilities to your handheld mobile computers. This video shows you how to connect the RFD5500 to an MC55A mobile computer, how to install the proper drivers, and an easy way to use the paired devices to read RFID tags.

For more information about this and other RFID hardware, as well as the StrategicRFID middleware platform, visit

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RFID Journal LIVE! 2016 Demo Clip

Here's a very short clip of the RFID demo Strategic Systems & Technologies set up in Zebra's Booth (No. 704) at RFID Journal LIVE! on Tuesday, May 3, 2016, in Orlando. This demo involves an RFID-tagged Ozobot robot following along a scaled down blueprint of an office, showing a miniaturized version of our RFID people-tracking solution capabilities. Nearby monitors show the application dashboard and reporting capabilities this type of people-tracking enables -- for all kinds of applications in...

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Inventory Stockroom Audit Challenge: RFID vs Barcode vs Paper and Pencil

We set up a simple demonstration to show how handheld RFID technology compares with barcode and paper-and-pencil processes for taking a simple inventory. In our quick setup, barcode took two-and-a-half times as long as RFID, while manual, paper-and-pencil-based recording of asset IDs took 15 times as long.

When you're ready to see how RFID can help improve the efficiency of your stockroom activities, give us a call: 877-389-7255. Or visit us at

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Maximize Your ROI on Returnable Assets with RFID from Strategic Systems

According to industry reports, Returnable Transport Items (RTIs) – the reusable totes, pallets, rolling racks, security containers and other durable packaging used by businesses to transport goods from site to site or across your warehouse floor – can have an annual shrink rate of up to 25 percent.

Whether they’re being accidentally discarded, hoarded for later use, or simply misplaced, when your returnable assets aren’t available when you need them, you’re losing the value you’ve...

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RFID-based Returnable Transport Item Tracking from Strategic Systems

Returnable Transport Items (RTIs) are the unsung heroes of the supply chain, helping companies move goods efficiently and sustainably. Yet 25% of all RTIs are "lost" every year. Find out how automating your RTI-tracking with StrategicRFID results in more efficient processes, better asset usage, and improved workflow planning.

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