EMispheres Waste Snow Management SRT.wmv

This video presents a Waste Snow Management application developed by Canadian Based company Emispheres Technologies who uses RFID technology to facilitate the daily tasks of Snow Clearance Managers.

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Would you get 'microchipped' at work?

A Wisconsin tech company is using RFID technology to implant some employees with a microchip.

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Will RFID be a Niche Technonlogy Forever

The technology has been around for more than two decades and it has been more than 10 years since the promulgation of a global UHF standard for RFID. Adoption is growing but only a few companies in each industry are using RFID. Is the technology destined to be a niche technology forever, or are there things technology providers can do to spur adoption? Find out, and learn why Internet of Things technologies will follow the same path as RFID. Speaker: Mark Roberti, RFID Jouranl

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A New Way of Skiing with RFID Technology

See how RFID Technology can enhance your skiing experience!

Technology Solutions UK Ltd (TSL) is an innovative company based in the United Kingdom. We were founded in 1993 and have grown to become a respected manufacturer of Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) and other multi-technology mobile device peripherals that are used to track products, assets, data or personnel.

Our technologies help companies that work in logistics, warehousing, retail, government, transport, defence,...

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RFID Technology Tracks Medical Supplies

On a smarter planet, pharmaceutical companies can use RFID technology from IBM to track and trace medicine as it makes its way through the supply chain. These smarter systems are already helping companies monitor the safety of our medicine and keep counterfeits off the shelves, and keeping people safe.

This video was discussed by Pradeep Nair at IBM TechForum 2012. IBM TechForum is a first-of-its-kind knowledge enclave for software enthusiasts. You can find out more about the event at...

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Pittcon Picks: RuRo Uses RFID for Lab Sample Tracking

At Pittcon 2011 in Atlanta, RuRo's Vera Terekhina explains how her company is using RFID technology on sample vials to provide pharma labs with an instant sample inventory. The product was one of Emil Ciurczak's picks for truly innovative technologies shown at this year's show.

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FISH Uses RFID Chips and Indoor Technology to Track People

Geospatial Solutions and GPS World's Art Kalinski reports from eMerge Americas, held May 4-5 in Miami. FISH is a company that tracks people and assets using RFID tags and indoor location technology. Its integrated platform includes online and offline registration tools, Brand Ambassador Mobile devices, interactive kiosks, social sharing API’s, RFID, BLE and Social Media Visualization walls.

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We are leading provider of solutions utilizing RFID based technologies. Extending its technological expertise in this domain, the company seeks to deliver value and growth in tangible business terms. With its core team deeply entrenched in both business and technology, we are able to differentiate itself by enabling useful applications of RFID based technologies across diverse domains such as inventory management, article tracking and visibility.

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RFID Card Based Attendance System

RFID technology facilitates automatic wireless identification using electronic passive and active tags with suitable readers. Such systems can be implemented at various offices, companies, school, colleges and many more places. RFID technology makes this system more secure and reliable method of placing attendance.

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From: EmbedVISION Infotech

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RFID Medical Device Kit Tracking

Medical Device Kit Tracking is one of the best uses for RFID technology. Many legacy companies are still using 40 year old bar code technology. The leading companies are realizing an eight month return on investment adn doubling their return on invested capital compared to their competitors by using RFID. This video shows how.

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