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RFID Asset Management Solutions using Smartphone RFID U Grok It

SMARTX HUB RFID automates inventory counts, providing a complete, accurate snapshot of asset status in a mere fraction of the time it would take to conduct a physical manual inventory. To track assets with RFID, tags are attached to all assets from servers, racks, and laptops to office chairs, carts, and kegs. To take inventory, an employee can simply roam the facility with a Smartphone and RFID device, there’s no need to properly identify the asset, locate a bar code, and scan each asset one...

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Using Drones and RFID to Track Construction Inventory and People Tracking

Industry Supply Chain

An efficient and well-managed supply chain makes an enormous difference to the bottom line of any organization.

The UAV SmartHub™ solution allows to easily search options for machinery, trailers, roll-cages, vehicles and other equipment by multiple job sites, view their real-time and historical location, and create custom reports.

Improve productivity by minimizing downtime due to missing or lost equipment.

Have total visibility for your entire asset inventory at all...

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Drones Scans RFID Tags at Warehouse Inventory

A key tool emerging in the supply chain is "Drone with RFID Scanner".

RFID is an inventory tracking technology that provides superior inventory intelligence that can be used to improve business processes throughout every link in the supply chain.

RFID tagging provides visibility of product movement, streamlines distribution, improves demand forecasting, and makes manufacturing more responsive.

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Smartx RFID Warehouse Inventory - drone inventory management

Take a moment to think about all the inventory you see and use every day on your warehouse yard site. What if every one of those products, pallets and containers, both large and small, could connect to a cloud-based platform?

Introducing The New RFID Backpack™

Drone SmartX™ has developed a unique Aerial Warehouse Management Logistic System. The drone is equipped with either an RFID Scan Kit or Bluetooth Smart Tag Scan Kit.

The platform can be scheduled to fly the inventory route, once...

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Real Time ENTERPRISE ASSET Management RFID Inventory

Smartx Hub is a 100% cloud-based Platform, asset tracking solution that allows users to view enterprise assets located across multiple locations. Leveraging RFID and other advanced Smart technologies, the Platform gives you real-time visibility of your assets and allows you to automate the business processes associated with asset life-cycles.

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Using Drones and RFID to Track Inventory at Large Areas

Smartx is using a drone equipped with an Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip reader to track the location of outdoor inventory: such as livestock scattered over a wide range, or cars parked at a port facility. Each target to be tracked and identified is equipped with either an active or a passive RFID chip and the drone records the signals from those chips while flying autonomously overhead.

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RFID and Drone-based Vehicle-Inventory Solution

Drones definitely help with bringing down the mobility limitation of RFID readers. Smartx uses a drone to scan the RFID or Sensors on each asset (like cars), and records the location of each item in the yard or warehouse, proving to be 30 times faster than manual capturing.

With the Smartx Hub system,

dealerships attach reusable Bluetooth beacons or passive RFID tags in order to record those vehicles' locations and

movements by means of smartphones or tablets that workers carry around the lot....

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Healthcare RFID for Inventory

Healthcare Asset Visibilibty Cut Costs,Improve Care

Our Solution offers an efficient way to track devices at Hospitals and Medical facilities. The main benefit of using Smartx technology is to improve patient safety and increase asset utilization in real-time tracking.


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Drone-based Vehicle-Inventory Solution - RFID Drone


Our RFID solutions help you automatically capture more data, more accurately, improving both customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

Designed to perform in different environments and for different applications, Smart Drone sensor-based solutions include a wide range of RFID and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies. The right combination can help you gain insight about the items and people critical to your operations, enabling you to make more...

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UAV Energy Asset Management Drone and RFID

UAVs are a safe and economical solution to Oil pipelines and off shore platforms inspections. Drone SmartX™ Solutions are designed for commercial use and are perfect for sensor data capturing. Drones have become the most efficient type of solution for the inspection of several thousands of oil and gas pipelines. These assets must be constantly monitored to reduce the potential for undetected leaks and line breakages which can cause life threatening fires and...

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