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MDB RFID Reader Glass Front Vending Demo

RFID-MiFare Reader (Model 1000) - mounted inside the payment slot of the glass front vending machine (replacing bill acceptor).

- Very secure with smart chip MiFare, using multi-encryption layers.

- Using MDB Cashless Reader services to plug in to the existing VMC controller that supports Cashless Reader Level 1.


- Certain vending machines (VMC) have their own slight "flavors" versions and type of requirements when dealing with cashless reader units such as RFID-1000 Reader offered by...

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TimeVend Demonstration using Bills and Credit Cards

TimeVend Vending System Demonstration for buying the time based services.

Can be used for parking system, massage chairs, water delivery, and other types of time-based access services.


- 12 independent timer channels

- Accept bills, coins, RFID MiFare cards or credit cards

- Support MDB payment devices (coin changers, bill acceptors, credit card readers)

- Can expand up to 64 independent timer channels using the expansion interface option.

- Push buttons, keypad interface or...

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