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RFID in Retail Demonstration Using M9190-Z and Century Link RFID Tags

John demonstrates some of the retail uses of RFID at a local store. Watch as he goes over inventory tracking, Inventory locating, and RFID tag writing using some of our RFID sample applications included in the TracerPlus Free Trial featured on our website.

TracerPlus can be integrated with most inventory and POS retail systems via TracerPlus Connect.

To learn more visit - TracerPlus website:

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Best Practices - Mobile RFID Asset Tracking - Webinar

During the first half of the webinar PTS reviews Mobile RFID project management best practices. Topics such as RFID tag testing, RFID pilots and RFID pilot location selection are discussed in detail.

During the 2nd half of the webinar PTS demonstrates TracerPlus features commonly used in Mobile RFID Asset Tracking applications. RFID mass scanning, Geiger, and location are updates are demonstrated and the configurations are explained.

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Do More With Barcodes and RFID Presented by Motorola and PTS

Join PTS and Motorola Solutions for an in depth video on why Government agency's should use TracerPlus with Motorola Solutions Barcode and RFID Devices. Topics covered include:

1. Brief overview of the TracerPlus Mobile Software.

2. Live Demonstration of an IT Asset Track application being created from scratch and connecting it to an MS Access Database.

3. Hear from a couple of our end users in how they have been successful in implementing TracerPlus on Motorola Barcode and RFID scanners.


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Bam!!! - A Simple Mobile Inventory Application with Barcode and RFID - Just Like Emeril

In this recorded webinar Joe Kraebel, a PTS mobile solutions architect, creates ( no programming needed with TracerPlus ) a basic mobile inventory application. The inventory application is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices. It can also scan bar codes with most bar code terminals, mobile phones and barcode scanners. It can also scan RFID tags with Zebra RFID Android and WM RFID scanners including the MC3190-Z, 9190-z and RFD8500.

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TracerPlus 7.0 Sneak Preview

With email reporting and advanced RFID read and write capabilities, TracerPlus 7.0 adds the upgrades and key features needed to keep up with today's growing technology capabilities.

What's New:

• Email and text message capabilities for instant reporting and alerts

• RFID tag writing support

• RFID Tag Scanning now supports reading multiple tag memory banks

• Data Lookup capability for all field types

• SmartForm: Directs scanned data to pre-defined field

• Dynamic...

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You're a Mobile App Develper and You Didn't Know It - TracerPlus 9 2

Joe Kraebel demonstrates how TracerPlus mobile software gives programmers and non-programmers the ability to develop Barcode, NFC and RFID enabled applications in 3 easy steps. Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows mobile barcode terminals, smartphones and tablets, TracerPlus is a perfect solution for almost any tracking application including; IT asset management and inventory management. TracerPlus is mobile software designed specifically for data collection and it syncs directly with most...

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Scan RFID Tags with your Samsung Galaxy or Zebra TC55 - RFD8500

This powerful RFID scanner attaches securely to most Android phones and @Zebratech Barcode Terminals. Unlike other RFID sleds the RFD8500 has a 20ft range and is extremely ergonomic.

The RFD8500 is now fully integrated with TracerPlus so your Windows Mobile RFID applications can quickly be transformed into Android based solutions. Use TracerPlus mass scanning, read write, geiger and more.

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UHF RFID Mass Sanning with TracerPlus Demo and Tutorial - MC3190Z and Century Link RFID Tags

This video is broken into two sections. In section one Howard Heckman demonstrates how to use a mobile RFID application in a retail clothing / garment setting on a MC3190Z RFID Terminal, with Century Link tags. The application allows mass scanning of assets. In section two Howard creates the RFID application with TracerPlus.

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How to Set Up a Mobile RFID Tag Locator ( Geiger ) - Part 2

Watch Howard Heckman develop ( configure ) an RFID Tag Locator in a TracerPlus Mobile application. RFID Tag Locator / Geiger enables a user to locate RFID tags via the power of the tag being read. As the tag gets closer, the signal becomes stronger and the audible sound becomes faster. RFID Tag Locators are commonly used in TracerPlus for finding items in a room or determining if an item is in a fixed area.

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Create Mobile RFID Applications in minutes

Track your information quickly and accurately using RFID. Watch as Joe creates RFID mobile applications in minutes with TracerPlus to scan multiple items in a room, locate tags using a Geiger counter, and read and write additional information to RFID tags.

Trial downloads available at:

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