Xerafy Titanium Metal Skin Label Roll of 500

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The Titanium Metal Skin is a revolutionary Rfid label for smart tagging both metallic and non-metallic assets.

The is extremely flexible and has a low profile to fit small like phones and tablets.

Compliant to Epcglobal Uhf Gen2 and Iso 18000-6c standards, the is cost effective and versatile for a wide range of applications from product authentication and It tracking, to of shipped and anti-counterfeiting of high value items...

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From: Lindsey Priest

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XERAFY iN Tag Family - Embeddable RFID Tags

XERAFY's "iN" family of products, is the first UHF RFID tags that can be embedded in metal assets without sacrificing read performance.

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From: xerafy

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EcoSensa RFID Rugged Metal Tag Testing

Ecosensa.com RFID Gen2 UHF 18000-6c Rugged Metal Tag for Aviation, Container Tagging, Timber, Warehouse, Asset, Military etc

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From: EcoSensa RFID

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metal tag on pipe SID Global tracking

UHF RFID on metal tag for pipe tracking 0.6M reading

Contact: Chloe Xi


Skype: Lucky7138

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From: Chloe Xi

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Xerafy Pico XL High Memory RFID Tags

The Pico XL 2k bit is the latest addition to Xerafy's XL Series of UHF RFID-on-metal (ROM) tags for aerospace, defense, manufacturing, oil and gas, and other industries. It is one of the smallest, rugged RFID tags on the market that meets the aerospace RFID initiative.

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From: Electrocom RFID

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Vilant RFID Speed Test with a BMW car

This Vilant RFID video shows 3 on metal GEN 2 UHF attached to a car passing by a RFID reader with a speed of 200 km/h and with 170 km/h and getting 100% results in reading the tags.

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From: Vilant Systems

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RFID UHF ultra small metal tag NFID

NFID are attaced on the tool, PCB, necklace.

and test the read range each.

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From: 네톰

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Product Review: Hitachi Package UHF RFID tag: Host Louis Sirico

The new Ultra Small Package UHF RFID tag from Hitachi Chemical is the smallest UHF RFID Tag our team has ever seen: 2.5 by 2.5 by .3 mm and when it's attached to metal, uses the metal as an antenna. Our team of RF engineers put it to the test. Host: Louis Sirico

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From: Louis Sirico

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Long distance RFID Handheld Reader /UHF Metal Tag for Cable Management

This is a test for cable management according to one customer's requirement . You can see the performance of our handheld reader , our metal tag is really really excellent .

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From: Tony Shen

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On Metal Tag

Development of passive UHF RFID transponder antennas for difficult background materials like metal or liquids. Done at the Research Institut ComET at the University of Applied Sciences in Saarbruecken/Germany in the laboratory of RF Engineering.

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From: ForschungsgruppeRIC

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