Connecting 125Khz RFID module to arduino – Part 1 ...

Connecting 125Khz RFID module to arduino - Part 1

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In this tutorial we will see how we can connect a RDIF reader into arduino.

We are going to use a�125 Khz RFID module� that can be bought from seeedstudio.

Some 125 Khz tags are also needed. We bought them from ebay but you can also find them on other online shops.

This guide is the first of a...

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rfid - how to detect 125khz tags with mfrc 522 - Arduino ...

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You can buy a 125 kHz reader from eBay for around $7. I got one like this:

You can communicate with it (listen to it) with a single serial...

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PRODUCTS_JWM - guard tour system,guard patrol system,guard ...

Vanguard 4s


New RFID Guard Tour System with flashlight, magnetic cable is more durable and easier with magnetic connector to transfer data.


Camera, video, pedometer&event recording functions making security patrol more accurate. 5 touch sensor keys, easy operation.

Vanguard 7


2.4G tag+ 125khz tag reading, more options for guard tour application. Super rugged and waterproof. Best choice for your...

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125KHz RFID Smart Card Desktop Reader -$7.5 Online ...

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This device is a high-performance 125KHz RFID smart card desktop reader. It does not only feature convenience and simpleness but also ensures stable and reliable data. With an USB interface, it...

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125KHz RFID emulator -

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Mar 25, 2011



Let me start by giving some background into my experience. I can solder decently, route working PCBs in EAGLE, perform home-etching, source components, easily assemble kits, design basic circuitry, etc. I am lacking, however, in a proper electrical education and have been studying The Art of Electronics to gain a better mathematical and conceptual understanding of components.

I recently decided that I wanted to test myself and build something to emulate a 125KHz RFID tag. It would require all of my skills and beyond to finish this, but I'm still confident I...

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bildr » Can You ID This? ID-20 RFID Reader + Arduino

Can You ID This? ID-20 RFID Reader + Arduino

Wednesday, February 23 rd , 2011

A few weeks ago we showed you how to control your arduino over serial . Well this week are going to do the same thing. Only this time instead of using the serial monitor to send the commands, we will be using the Innovations ID line RFID reader.

RFID , or Radio Frequency Identification, is basically a wireless barcode,...

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