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Electromagnetic Waves

Michael Faraday proposed in 1846 that both light and radio waves are part of electromagnetic energy.

In 1864 James Clerk Maxwell published his theory on electromagnetic fields and found that electric and magnetic energy propagate in transverse waves at the speed of light

In 1887 Heinrich Rudolf Hertz produced and studied electromagnetic waves. He concluded that...

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RFID Sleeves for Credit Cards | Printed Card Sleeves

o Holds one ISO7810 ID-1 form-factor contactless Smart Card

o Shields ISO 14443/15693 and EPC Gen 1/Gen 2 contactless smart cards and RFID tags

o Made of high quality advanced paper material

o Weather- and water-resistant (within reason)

o Puncture- and tear-resistant (within reason)

o Available to Consumer, Corporate, Government, Financial and Education markets

o Made in U.S.A.

o FIPS 201...

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CHINA RFIDS - NFC Tags and RFID Reader. Smart Card Reader ...

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) - AIM

Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a generic term that is used to describe a system that transmits the identity (in the form of a unique serial number)

Atlas RFID Solutions

Materials Management

RFID keychain...

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AS3991 UHF RFID Reader IC - ams | DigiKey

Product Highlights > AS3991 UHF RFID Reader IC

AS3991 UHF RFID Reader IC

ams' UHF RFID reader chip with built-in programming options

ams' AS3991 UHF reader chip is an integrated analog front end and data framing system for a 900 MHz RFID reader system. Built-in programming options make it suitable for a wide range of applications in UHF RFID systems. Designed to simplify...

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RFID | Avery Dennison

We deliver integrated RFID solutions for apparel manufacturing and retail applications that improve inventory management from source to consumer. Our RFID inlays and technology help to increase inventory speed, accuracy and visibility--as well as profit margins--for retail apparel brands.

Inventory accuracy, loss prevention Go to Retail Branding and Information Solutions website


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RFID - Radio Frequency Identification Tags....!


Radio Frequency Identification ( RFID ) has existed in some form or another for over 40 years. It is a method of automatically identifying a given object/person by storing and remotely retrieving information from small transponders, called RFID tags. These tags have an antenna built into them, which allows for the transmission and reception of radio waves from an RFID...

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Date: 2011-11-15 20:48:59
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RFID Enabled Retail Supply Chain - msdn.microsoft.com

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This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

RFID Enabled Retail Supply Chain


   Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

   Microsoft .NET Platform

Summary: Use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to improve your organization's efficiency in tracking goods...

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' I didn' t commit that crime!' - fraud-magazine.com

Financial identity theft occurs when someone misappropriates your personal information to open new accounts, or uses your existing bank or credit accounts to make purchases. The above case shows a newer type of identity theft -- criminal identity theft -- that's spreading across the country and can be even more damaging than having a criminal destroy your credit rating.

Historically, criminal...

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Michiana Timing | Timing Professionals

A great line-up of summer fun is coming! Check out our calendar or sign up for one of the events.

Michiana Timing provides full timing services for a multitude of events including:

Track and Field: Fully Automated Timing Systems by FinishLynx

Cross Country - Small: Manual bib pull or wristband timing system at affordable pricing

Cross Country - Medium/Large: FinishLynx FAT System with IdentiLynx Video or Chip Timing with real time results

Road Race/Road Run: Bib Tag Timing Systems with real time results, we offer options for no mats to trip...

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RFID: A Tool For Tracking Products, Assets And More | Food ...

RFID: A Tool For Tracking Products, Assets And More

by Elliot Maras On Dec 17, 2015

Photo credit: Barcoding Inc.

The facility map in the yard management solution by PINC Solutions gives East Coast Warehouse & Distribution visibility over its container locations.

The PINC Solutions yard management system includes a dashboard that allows East Coast Warehouse & Distribution to track assets.


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Smart tag detection techniques for chipless RFID systems

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a wireless technology used to automatically identify objects attached to its tags. Its applications span in different areas such as inventory control, logistics, security and item tracking. Vast majority of commercially available RFID tags use Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) to encode and transmit data. This micro-chip in the RFID tag...

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Hospitals are finding ROI from RFID | Healthcare IT News

Hospitals are finding ROI from RFID

'The time-savings justify the cost of the chips'

11:08 AM


Just a few years ago, discussion of the use of radio-frequency identification in healthcare was usually limited to drug manufacturers and wholesalers, who use RFID as a way to track drug products through the supply chain or to combat counterfeit drugs.

[See also: RFID & RTLS can save lives...

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RFID Technology: Keeping Track of DoD's Stuff

improved inventory and shipment visibility and management

enhanced business processes within the DoD

improved asset tracking

Something Missing?

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With benefits, however, come problems. Security is a major concern for RFID technology. Tags that are readable anywhere, anytime pose a risk to corporate and military security.

Accuracy of information is another concern. The DoD...

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RFID Scan Scan Write on the App Store - itunes.apple.com

RFID Scan Scan Write is a utility App for use with TSL Bluetooth® UHF RFID Readers. The App is designed to rapidly commission UHF RFID tags with both industry standard and custom EPCs. The App can take UPC-based barcode information and then encode tags with SGTIN-96 compliant EPCs or, from version 2, use scanned custom data directly to generate the new EPC value.

For Hex and ASCII custom...

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ThingMagic USB Plus+ RFID Reader - atlasRFIDstore

ThingMagic USB Plus+ RFID Reader

The ThingMagic UHF USB Plus+ RFID Reader is an affordable reader perfect for developing and deploying interactive RFID applications. Powered by the Mercury 5e-Compact UHF RFID reader module from ThingMagic, the USB RFID Reader is powered and controlled through a PC. The USB RFID Reader's small form factor, integrated antenna, deployment feasibility, and low cost...

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A Security-Enhanced UHF RFID Tag Chip - Semantic Scholar



The integration of strong security functionality to radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags operating in the ultra-high frequency (UHF) range is challenging. Main limiting factors are chip size and power consumption. In this work we present the design of the digital part of a security-enhanced UHF RFID tag that uses the Electronic Product Code (EPC) Generation-2 (Gen-2) standard for...

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The difference between barcodes and RFID - OCS Retail Support

The difference between barcodes and RFID

6th Aug 2015

Stock management technology has made giant leaps in the past few years, with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) becoming increasingly popular thanks to its cost-effectiveness and usability.

While barcodes are still the most popular identification solution and they are still perfectly functional, they have been surpassed greatly by the...

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Monza 5 RFID Tag Chips | Impinj

for All Applications

Unique features deliver inlay successes

Monza 5 tag chips provide features to enable efficient and consistent inlay manufacturing without adding overhead, deliver scalable high-performance source tagging, and enable inventory accuracy.

Smart Encoding, Fast Write Speeds.

Monza 5 UHF RFID tag chips support high read/write reliability and fast write speeds yielding optimal RFID...

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Installing A Pet Door - YouTube

Carpenter and builder Rob Robillard from http://www.AConcordCarpenter.com discusses installing a pet door and goes into detail on measuring for, choosing the location, hidden conditions, pet door features and installation.

Read article here: http://www.aconcordcarpenter.com/inst...

Visit Rob's website where he shares his industry training and experience to provide solutions to your problems and...

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RFID - What Are You Doing with It? | hospitalityupgrade.com

RFID has made it into the hotel industry in some niches.


>> One is a liquor pouring system that has been installed in a casino in Las Vegas.  Instead of hooking the bottles up to wired pourers, the RFID-enabled pourers are placed on the bottles and can be read from up to 100 feet away.  The information sent with every pour includes the brand and size of bottle, as well as the amount and...

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RFID Basics - ThingMagic.com


If you have ever used an access card to get into a building or your car or passed through an automated toll collection system on a highway, you have used RFID. The definition of RFID is rather broad because it has so many uses. Let's first start with the acronym and what it means:

RFID = Radio Frequency IDentification

Now, let's break down what this means: a system of technologies that...

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RFID data theft protection sleeves


Over 100 million credit cards now have RFID chip technology.

These chips allow vendors to scan your credit card quickly and process your payment. Soon, most magnetic stripe credit and debit card will be replaced with RFID technology. While these credit cards offer ease of payment by simply waving or tapping your credit card on the terminal, thieves can use hand-held devices to read your credit card information from a distance while in your purse, wallet or pocket.

The easiest and most cost effective way to protect yourself from identity theft.



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